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Cease Fire!
Strategies for Managing Conflict and Improving Communications

The primary outcomes of this training are better self-management in conflictual situations, methods for preventing conflict and strategies for overcoming conflict should it occur. This includes the ability to clarify sources of disagreement, open the communication so issues can be processed and de-escalate conflict so it doesn’t go too far. In order to be an effective conflict manager it’s essential to approach the issue with practiced skill-sets. Since no two situations are precisely the same, it is necessary to have more than one option for dealing with what comes up. During this training multiple methods of working with conflict will be presented and practiced. Read more…

Change Management & Motivation Strategies
Moving People from Their Seats to Their Feet

This is a breakthrough program for increasing collaboration, stimulating productivity and innovation, reducing costs and developing team synergy. Every team and organizational situation is different. What works for one team may not for another. At this seminar, you’ll learn how to evaluate your circumstances and develop a tailor-made strategy for managing change. It will help you handle the ups and downs of work more effectively. Read more…

Get a Grip!
Diffusing Criticism and Handling Negative Feedback

Seven years ago, Columbia University conducted a research study to determine characteristics of managers who were able to manage emotional upheavals during tense situations. These men and women had the ability to be highly influential, and manage conflict and negative feedback when it arose quickly and decisively. This meant managing conflict inside of themselves first, then the external one next. This highly interactive workshop on diffusing criticism provides advanced strategies used to handle the negativity that can undermine relationship effectiveness. Read more…

Take Control!
Handling Difficult People and Tough Situations
with More Tact and Skill

Conflict and differing points of view are woven into the fabric of all relationships. Not all conflicts can be resolved, but they can absolutely be managed effectively. Having the skills to manage conflict resourcefully and effectively is a learned skill. To have a positive outcome from a conflict requires give and take. It is an opportunity to view the world through the lenses of another human who sees the experience differently than you. This is a highly interactive workshop on influencing effectively and managing conflicts. Training participants will be able to utilize advanced strategies used by effective conflict managers and mediators. Read more…

Strategic Leadership Effectiveness
Creating the Results You Desire

Our Leadership Program focuses on helping you build a cohesive and evolving organization. Throughout this training are the themes of values driven leadership, partnering strategies, conflict management, persuasive communication, broadcasting vision and passion, and thriving through change. With these principles and practices you will counteract low productivity and procrastination, boost morale and drive, and build a strong work ethic without creating more stress. The end result is a healthy, motivated, cooperative working environment and team that follow your lead. Read more…

Mentorship Excellence
Assisting Others to Greater Professional Effectiveness

Excellent mentors know how to coach, listen, lead, teach, motivate and support. Employees who have a mentor develop business principles and practices on average 72% faster than those who must discover them by trial and error. Professional
skill development can be greatly enhanced through guidance from a knowledgeable mentor. This program trains leaders in strategies which can create optimum results for the protégé they assist. One essential trait of an excellent mentor is they never stop learning. As a result of the mentor’s own evolution, they have skills to share which benefit others. Using the principles and technology in this program, the mentor and protégé can
turn their goals and objectives into bottom-line results. Read more…

The Exceptional Supervisor
Optimizing Your Potential and Achieving Outstanding Results

This program is designed to give supervisors essential skills for effectively managing employees. Working as a consultative partner, supervisors can keep productivity high, while building greater job satisfaction for employees. This program incorporates strategies beneficial to anyone in a supervisory leadership role. It’s a synthesis of over 2000 hours of research on what it takes to become an exceptional supervisor. Read more…

Team Effectiveness & Partnering Strategies
Secrets to Increased Productivity and Greater Satisfaction

Through applying highly-effective interpersonal strategies, you can increase customer satisfaction and retention, improve morale within your team, increase collaboration and achieve greater results. Learn how to apply the 7 secrets that improve partnering so you can rapidly attain the outcomes you desire. Make this the best year you’ve ever had! Read more…

Time Mastery
Managing Your Time for High Performance and Less Stress

This program is designed to assist you in moving into greater levels of professional effectiveness, through more effective organizational skills and utilizing your time better. Would you like to free up 30 to 60 minutes per day? How would you like to learn the secret to overcoming the seven biggest time wasters? This program will give you 76 different time mastering strategies, any one of which can free up to a half-hour of your time. Read more…

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