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The Organizational Pathway to Success

This is a breakthrough program for increasing collaboration, stimulating productivity and innovation, reducing costs and developing team synergy. Every team and organizational situation is different. What works for one team may not for another. At this seminar, you'll learn how to evaluate your circumstances and develop a tailor-made strategy for managing change. It will help you handle the ups and downs of work more effectively.

Strategies employed by organizations who lead the field can be adapted to you. Commitment by forward-thinkers is essential to create and maintain a leading edge advantage. It's no accident that the most highly effective teams share twelve characteristics, and one of those traits is the ability to motivate oneself. You can begin implementing this now. This program not only tells you what successful team members do, you will know how to implement it when you go back to work after this workshop.

"It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well."
Rene Descartes (1596-1650)
French Mathematician & Philosopher

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Managing Relationships During Change

  • Strategies for building and maintaining rapport with others during change.
  • Learn why change automatically generates resistance to changing.
  • Apply the 4 vital components of great relationships, and use them as a tracking system to correct issues if they begin to arise.
  • Expand your ability to tolerate frustration then diffuse it.
  • Understand criteria and relationship priorities when in transition.
  • Utilize the 2 primary drivers which motivate partnering with others.
  • Utilize best practices of successful decision makers.
  • Implement the partnership driven perspective, so you can out service expectations even when you can't provide what they want, or when they want it by.

Module 2: Managing Expectations with Less Stress

  • How to deal with change on all three levels: personal, interpersonal and organizational.
  • Build an "emotional bank account" with others to create lasting trust, cooperation and mutual satisfaction.
  • Understand strategies for getting others to become more proactive and personally responsible for supporting the vision and mission during times of change.
  • How to deepen the partnering interaction for effective relationship management.
  • Understand the essentials required for building a winning image of you, your organization and your objectives with those you interact.
  • Gain processes for clarifying the boundaries of what is realistic, without offending.
  • Enhance your ability to maintain professionalism while dealing with difficult people.

Module 3: Communication Strategies Assisting Transition

  • Learn strategies to accurately interpret both the direct and underlying messages received from other's.
  • How to accurately determine if you are in rapport with those you interact.
  • Learn strategies for eliciting and managing complaints/conflicts without destroying rapport or getting off-track from the primary objectives to be achieved.
  • How to clarify issues without triggering defensiveness or aggressiveness in others.
  • Improve your ability to find the common ground when dealing with differing views.

Module 4: Success Practices which
                  Produce Consistent Results

  • Gain 8 foundational principles of success essential to sustained achievement.
  • Characteristics of highly effective and personally empowering change strategies.
  • Manage conflict or obstacles so effectively that you get an energy boost (instead of energy drain) from going through the process.
  • Make continuous quality improvements in less time -- at no additional cost.
  • Learn the "Motivation Strategy" which generates a passion for action.
  • How to involve someone who would rather be left alone.
  • Apply the critical ingredients of self-management which self-starters use.
  • Learn a blueprint framework to help your partners creatively problem-solve together.

Module 5: Make Your Team Sizzle from Great Partnering

  • Know the #1 conflict--what causes it, and how to diffuse it if it rears its head.
  • Know the 5 secrets of master listeners that will improve your relationships immediately.
  • "Read" accurately the 12 types of nonverbal communication others give.
  • How to bring out the best ideas in team members who don't seem to say much.
  • How to promote harmony, synergy and innovation through exquisite partnering.
  • How to deliver a strong message without creating defensiveness in the other person.
  • How to educate your way through stressful changes.
  • Know 7 decisive steps to build collaboration with partners.

Module 6: Effectively Managing System Wide Change

  • Manage each of the 3 core phases of change and build collaboration.
  • Understand how to use the only 2 reasons why people are motivated to do anything for eliminating resistance to change.
  • Know 5 techniques which effectively deal with resistance to change.
  • Breathe life into the organization's values. Take it beyond "Just my job ."
  • Learn how to "season" partners into flowing through transitions.
  • Know how to use passion enhancing strategies for promoting "buy-in" from the very top to the bottom of the organization.

Four-Week Assimilation Process

  • Reinforce and ingrain program concepts during the 4 weeks following the training.
  • Ensure lasting change in your organization through individual Action Plans.
  • Target your goals for optimum results and deepened learning.
  • Have a coach to keep the process on-track.· Create a time-line for implementation so team and individual outcomes are achieved.

Our programs focus on helping you build a self-evolving organization. We work to help counteract low productivity and procrastination, boost morale and drive, and build supportive partnerships without creating more stress. The end result is a healthy, motivated, cooperative working environment and team.

We have extensive programs which can be customized for your requirements. Many organizations want to have something they can implement immediately. But most teams we serve don't want just "off the shelf" materials, instead they want to detail them for their specific organizational needs, which we easily can do.

All training programs are built in a modular format. The value of the modular structure is the seminar is easily tailored to your specific requirements. There are times when taking modules from separate trainings and blending them is beneficial. Your people may be great already in some aspects of a proposed course. If so, that module can be replaced with content from other programs. We work at tailoring a program so that it really fits your desired requirements.

We can assist you in following-up with people who go through our programs to make certain that: 1. they are using the principles and strategies they learned during the sessions, and 2. the results can be tracked and measured. This guarantees that you'll get high value for the investment you make in your people.

The bottom line is that organizational effectiveness isn't an accident. To manage the rapidly changing environment of today, professional development is essential. The path to creating an exceptional organization is through executives, managers and employees operating at peak performance levels. When everyone within your organization knows and applies best practices, your chances for achieving the targeted results grows exponentially.

Our Guarantee

If at the end of any session we provide, you think you have not received high value for your investment, we will waive our fees and the session will be free. No haggling. No hassles. We provide excellent quality services and products to assist you in achieving your goals. Our desire is to build a long-term, mutually beneficial working relationship with you. We stand behind everything we do with this unconditional guarantee.

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