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Excellent mentors know how to coach, listen, lead, teach, motivate and support. Employees who have a mentor develop business principles and practices much faster than those who must discover them by trial and error.

As a mentor you help create pride in your people. They get more of a sense of shared goals and the drive to make things happen. Helping people become their best is part of a leaders job. The effective mentor starts by getting people to believe in themselves and their potential. Then they assist the person in bringing this potential into fruition through hands-on learning with the mentor as guide.

Professional skill development can be greatly enhanced through guidance from a knowledgeable mentor. This program trains leaders in strategies which can create optimum results for the protégé they assist. One essential trait of an excellent mentor is they never stop learning. As a result of the mentor's own evolution, they have skills to share which benefit others. Using the principles and technology in this program, the mentor and protégé can turn their goals and objectives into bottom-line results.

8 Program Modules

1. The MENTOR--Assisting Professional Skills Development

  • How to create a culture and atmosphere which fosters the development of others.
  • Discover the greatest principle which fosters the mentorship relation.
  • Incorporate into your style the mental and behavioral patterns of highly successful mentors.
  • Understand how you measure-up in the process of developing your people.
  • How and when to apply the various "mentorship hats" with your team.
  • Expand your ability to drive out fear while boosting trust and cooperation.

2. Goal Clarification Helps Your People Grow

  • Discover the secret to making goals come alive and stir passion for the goal setter.
  • Essential questions the mentor must answer before setting goals with the protégé.
  • Learn processes for assisting your protégé in discovering and developing untapped potentials.
  • Put the synergy of the relationship to work in achieving exceptional performance.
  • How to use the goal action plan for eliminating complacency and spurring creativity.

3. The Mentorship Formula for Success

  • Methods for creating a working mentorship structure.
  • Setting up responsibility and authority benchmarks to measure success.
  • Creating buy-in to stewardship\of the principle and skill development by the protégé.
  • Implementing the feedback loop required to support the protégé's development.
  • Strategies for dealing with inconsistencies without demoralizing the person.

4. Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility

  • Learn 3 strategies for deepening confidence in you, your decisions and your goals.
  • How to enhance the level of credibility you have with your people.
  • Expanded skills for clear communication brings alignment of objectives and synergy.
  • Refine skills required to accurately interpret both direct and underlying messages.
  • Know how to use your voice and body together to avoid others tuning you out.
  • Discover the 7 secrets to building deep loyalty and commitment in your people.

5. Vision & Values Alignment as a Driving Force

  • How to find the values which are most important to your protégé.
  • Gain new methods for making the vision become more real and alive for everyone.
  • Link-up the driving values and goals of your protégé to the organizational vision.
  • Understand the 9 principles which deepen passion for personal success and achievement.
  • Clarify the decision and intervention points for the mentor/protégé collaboration.
  • Refine the win/win opportunities which are achieved by your protégé's development.

6. Managing Change--Transition & Conflict Resolution

  • Understand the #1 fear that triggers resistance to doing things differently.
  • Learn tactics which make it easier to overcoming resistance to change.
  • Deepen your understanding and how to managing the core phases of change.
  • Know methods for getting the job done while instituting changes in the process.
  • Get beyond the conflict--what causes it, and how to diffuse it if it rears its head.
  • Use mind maps to make the best alternatives available to mentor/protégé become obvious.
  • Giving course correction without creating defensiveness.
  • Learn a step-wise process to turn an issue into an action-plan.
  • How to quickly diffuse an emotionally charged situation.

7. Leading and Participating in Meetings that Work

  • How to begin with alignment of the goals and the vision for maximum effectiveness.
  • Requirements for creating a climate which fosters open communication.
  • Challenges which help overcome the "That's the way we've always done it" mindset.
  • Implementing the 6 elements of highly productive meetings.
  • Learn strategies for keeping focused without being boring.
  • Proactive & Innovative Thinking--Getting your protégé to "step out of the box."

8. How to Assist the Mentee in Follow-Through

  • Defining how each individual has responsibility for the mentor/protégé success.
  • Tools for supporting the other person's self-management and self-empowerment.
  • Learn 3 course correcting processes which your protégé can use.
  • Discover the "failure to feedback to success" process which assist learning.
  • How to overcome the barriers to success in the mentor/protégé relationship.

The Assimilation Process for Seminar Participants

  1. Create a plan for reinforcing the program concepts.
  2. Incorporation methods to ensure lasting change in your organization.
  3. Set target goals for optimum results with the people you mentor.
  4. Have a coach to keep the process on-track.
  5. Create an action plan & time-line for implementation and tracking results.

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