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(…continued from last week)

Applied Neuroscience

One study that has become very well-known came out of the Baylor School of Medicine. This was published in a report in 2002 in the New England Journal of Medicine. It evaluated the level of benefit of surgery for patients with severe, debilitating knee pain.

The lead author on this study was Dr. Bruce Moseley, a knee surgeon. He said that all good surgeons know there’s no placebo effect in surgery. Yet Mosley was trying to figure out if there just possibly could be some way to effect the outcome of surgery to give patients relief or assist with the healing process beyond just the cutting itself.

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The Surgery vs. Placebo Study

Dr. Mosley took a group of patients and split them into three different groups. On one group, he did standard operating procedure and shaved the damaged cartilage in the knee. On the second group, he flushed out the knee joint with saline and removed chips of cartilage or other floating materials that could be causing inflammation. Removing any debris that floats around helps many people. Both of these are standard treatments and were done for groups one and two.

The third group got a fake surgery. The patient was sedated, as normal, and then Dr. Mosley made three standard incisions, like he normally would for a surgery of this type. Then he talked with the nurses and acted just as he normally would have during a real surgery. He even splashed some salt water around to stimulate the sound of the knee washing procedure.

After forty minutes, Mosley sewed up the incisions as if he’d actually done the surgery. All three groups were then prescribed the same exact post-operative care, which included an exercise program and stretching regiment.

The Results

The results were pretty amazing. Both groups who received the actual surgery, as expected, did improve. But the interesting thing was the placebo group, who had nothing done, other than suggestions that the surgery had been done, had improved just as much as the two groups that actually had surgeries!

Despite the fact that there are 650,000 surgeries of this type done yearly on knees, at a cost at about $5,000.00 each–the results were clear to Dr. Mosley. He said, “My skill as a surgeon can have a major benefit to my patients, I’ve proven that repeatedly. Yet with this Osteoarthritis work on the knee, the placebo effect incredibly worked just as well.”

Television news programs graphically illustrated the stunning results. Footage showed members of the placebo group walking, playing basketball, running, doing things that they hadn’t been able to do before their surgery.

The placebo patients didn’t find out for two years that they had gotten fake surgery. One member of the placebo group walked with a cane before surgery and was now able to play basketball with his grandchildren.

He summed up the theme of this process, he said, “In a world where anything is possible, when you put your mind to it, I know that your mind can work miracles.”

Using Your Brain Uniquely

This research (and other very similar to it) is being done repeatedly worldwide. Using the brain to create the reality you intend to have makes a huge difference.

In a variety of studies on severe depression, heart disease, arthritis, ulcers, even cancers, the power of the mind to help overcome these maladies, in many cases, is a huge adjunct to traditional medicine. It can make a significant impact.

(to be continued…)

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