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(…continued from last week)

Being Present

One of the main things that has to happen in that awareness is that we have to focus on now. You’ve heard numerous time cliques. Live in the present. The now is all there is. Be here now. Forget about the past, it’s over. Don’t worry about the future, there’s only today.

While these are familiar to most of us, the truth is that living in the now is in many cases very illusive, because we think about what happened yesterday, and we’re focused on what’s coming at us. We need to find a way to stay in today.

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When you think about the past you’re not in the present. Think about the future and you’ve left the now. The only time available for thinking about that is in this moment.

Your relationship to this present moment defines your relationship to life itself. One of the biggest insights I’ve ever had concerns an experience around time.

I think about it in this way, whatever’s happened in the past, no matter how many years or centuries ago, it all took place in the now. There’s no way to experience anything other than in this very moment, this precious right now.

Thus the idea that this thing happened in the past is to some degree an illusion. The same thought pattern applies to the future. Whatever we fantasize about happening in the future only takes place in the now. All we have is now, now, now, now, now.

Where Are You In Time?

Time is what we measure with clocks and calendars. There’s really nothing more than a series of present moments. We have to be aware of now. When I choose to think about yesterday I am bringing yesterday into now. I can’t relive yesterday, I can experience it right now as a new good moment.

For instance, was there music you liked when you were in high school that really you enjoyed? You loved it, it made you feel great.

If you’re driving down the road and one of those songs come on the radio, and you find yourself singing along, you turn the radio up and you get that great feeling. You are not reliving the past; you are letting a new moment right now be experienced. You’ve brought the thing from the past into the present and you’re experiencing it right now at this moment.

Think about something coming up in your future and it’s this wonderful thing that looks great to you out there, and something you really are going to do, a vacation you’re going to take, a gift you want to buy for someone you care about, a place you’re going to go where you’re going to do something you highly enjoy doing.

If you think about that thing and you get that good feeling, what you’ve done is you’ve taken that future event and brought it into now. You’ve brought it into the present. To create the reality you want, you have to feel it in this present moment.

If what you’re feeling in this present moment is fear, that is your now. If you feel a bit of fear, but then you think about the positive outcome that is going to come from taking action at this moment in time, that is your now.

You have to be aware and you have to bring what you want to have into now. You have to have that Graduate Degree you’re working on, in your mind, and feel the fulfillment now. If all you feel is drudgery you’re wasting a lot.

When you take the time to achieve some little thing, when you make a gift for someone, if it’s a drudgery you’re ruining the now. Enjoy each moment as you see that little bit accomplished. Make now a good thing.

When you’re making plans for the future, feel what that will feel like when you have some of that success. That’s part of the motivation strategy, you see it done, and you feel the success of achievement. Feel that inside of yourself.

Be aware, be aware of now, and be aware of bringing the good into now. From the past, from this thing you’re doing at this moment in time, and from your plans which you’re looking at out in the future.

(to be continued…)

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