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Overcoming Inertia

Things are hard at times—are they not? That’s all relative….

The level of difficulty is a perspective. One person may think studying all night to get a good grade on a test is really hard, and to another person, it’s not hard—it just needs to be done.

Action is just action. Whether it’s difficult or not is in the way you look at it, and the self-talk in your head. You are either taking action, or you are not taking action. If you were to interview two people straining with the same amount of force to move a boulder, and asked them how hard it was—much would depend on their attitude.

If one was grumbling, groaning, whining and cursing the boulder and their foul luck at having to move it, they will most likely rate the experience as much harder than will the person who is just going for it.

To excel at your chosen endeavor will require effort. It will take some time. Yet the effort and time you expend are only troublesome when you focus your mind that way. You see—it’s all in your perspective.

Instead of driving yourself nuts with how tough you’ve got it—just get on with it. Take action. Quit pondering, and move it! It’s like the physics Law of Inertia, “A body at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon; and a body in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon.” So, put your body in motion…. Don’t worry or obsess about the situation, just do what you can, and do it as well as you can (knowing you can make corrections if it’s not exactly what you’d hoped.)

The effort you expend benefits you. Put some happiness into what you do, even if it’s tough. See the little progress made as a win. Feel good about your movement and strides you take toward your goals. Find satisfaction from what you’ve accomplished, knowing it’s another step on the way to the life you desire. And you deserve all the good you can create by what you’re doing.

Best of Success, Dr. Larry