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Shift Your Perspective

Do you have something currently going on that’s bothering you? Perhaps a problem that is causing worry or stress? I’d like you to shift perspectives for just a moment.

Imagine that instead of that being your challenge—it’s someone else dealing with it.

When you step back from your situation and look at it as an objective observer, what advice or counsel would you give that person? How can you be a valuable to this person? What recommendations would you make?

As you brainstorm and lay-out the options to them—write down what you come up with. Make a list of possible actions that can be taken to make the situation different, or begin to break out of the rut. List as many possibilities as you can think of.

Are you doing any of those things now? Are you making strides to break out of that stuck state using any of the possible actions on your list? Do it.

Friend and mentor, Steve Andreas once said, “If you only have one way to do something, you have no options. If you have 2 ways to do something, you have a dilemma. Only when you have 3 or more ways of doing something, do you really begin to have options.”

When you find yourself so caught up in the situation that you are struggling or feel overwhelmed—step back. Shift perspectives and look in on the situation from a more distant point-of-view.

Create a list of options for that person “over there” who is struggling. Be the friend they need who can give wise counsel.

Detach from the tension for a moment. Get some distance—then generate some valuable advice for that “you over there”.

The Best of Success to You, Dr. Larry