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Succeed–Then Take Action!

Have you ever known somebody who really gets a ton done — consistently? They are a high achiever at work, in sports, with learning new skills, having great relationships, assisting others to do well, and much more. There is a little thing that makes a huge difference. That little thing is a powerful belief that “it” is possible.

Look back through history at those people who have really made an impact. In most cases they aren’t any more intelligent than their contemporaries. They hadn’t been gifted highly beyond all others. But what they had was a mental image, a vision of the possible.

They had a “possibility attitude” meaning they thought their goal was possible. They saw the vision, they made a plan, they took action. But it all began by first imagining the success within their mind. That grew the motivation to act.

Focus on Your Success

These successful people live intentionally instead of just by accident. They planned and took deliberate action.

They first created the successful outcome within, and then they set off on the path. They created the reality they desired–no matter what others said. When you create a mental image of success, and you focus repeatedly on your desired outcome, your powerful subconscious mind goes to work to give you the desired result. Your focus and passion are fuel for the engine of your life.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, explained how the most successful must first mentally envision their desired goal, and once they believe it can be theirs and go into action, they can then achieve it. It is within your mind and your attitude that success begins. The phrase “Your attitude will determine your altitude!” is absolutely true.

Use Your Passion & Vision to Win

To start you must first mentally construct what you desire, then translate that vision into a step-by-step plan, then take action. It’s applying the laws of physics to the laws of abundance. You take the potential energy that exists within, and turn it into the needed kinetic energy of a body in motion.

Physics says a body at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by some external source. And, that a body in motion tends to stay in motion once it breaks free of the inertia holding it back. Your vision and attitude of proactiveness is a force that can be applied to get it into the kinetic energy of motion into your life.

Chart A Course for Success

If you were to live your life by default–“whatever happens, happens”–you will miss out on a great deal. Unless you proactively choose your focus and goals, your mind will fall into old ritual ways of living. These rituals ways of behaving are called habits.

Your life is a work of art. What are you painting on the canvas of your life? Are you creating an abstract, an old master detailed work or just throwing the paint on it with no forethought? No matter your style of creating, choosing a specific, focused, passionate approach will give the greatest texture and expression to your art.

All your success is from your choice of focus. So make absolutely certain you are finely focused on the outcome you desire most. Like it or not, your mind will create whatever you are focused on most—be it good or bad. Have a clear vision. Be proactive. Make every day a day to remember. Paint well.

The Best of Success to You!

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