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You Are A Heat Seeking Missile

Every moment of every day, you are seeking some target. The question is—what kind of target are you aiming at?

Are you focused on lack, fear, poverty, negativism, self-doubt, reasons why something can’t be done? If that is central to your thinking, then that is what your heat seeking mind will be working to create more of within your life. Whatever you focus on most (whether you want it or not) will be what your brain is going to strive to give you more of.

Keep that heat seeking missile mind of yours locked on to targets worth having. As you do this you will be a source of strength and encouragement to others who are aiming in the wrong direction.

Unleash the possibilities lying dormant within you. Be the force that you truly are. Choose energy, humor, goals, communication, and abundance, so you soar! Within you are the seeds of greatness. Plant and nurture them for a life filled with richness every day.

In a large grocery store near my home, works a young man who had a devastating motorcycle accident when in college. It caused brain damage which impaired his thinking, making it so he could no longer function in college. He had low spine injuries that affected his muscle control in how he walks. It’s hard for him to speak without a stammer, unless he speaks slowly. Yet he is one of my favorite people in the store.

This guy is a positive, courteous, knows his way around the store, and is exceptionally good as a customer server. When talking with him one day as he was helping me find something he said, “I love this job. I get to help people overcome frustration from not finding what they want. Even if people are grumpy, I just treat them in a friendly way, because I’m sure they are a nice person, they are just having a bad day.”

His heat seeking missile brain is targeted in on happiness, fun, service, communication and empathy. Though he often has pain, walks in a way that I’m certain he has been ridiculed for at times, and knows his mental abilities are a fraction of what they once were, he works to help other peoples’ day go just a little bit better.

Give positive, warmth, happiness, and focus on achievement, and you will have more of that come back to you. Make these the goals of your missile targeting system. Be the best you that you can be.

Be real, but focus the reality you live to be one that adds beauty, texture and value to all you encounter. No one can make the contribution you can. There is only one you. And your unique knowledge, experiences and attitudes will enable you to make a contribution to your world, unlike that of anyone else.

Make certain that what you do nurtures you. That your thoughts and actions fill your life with positive. As you target the good, not only will you experience fulfillment and abundance—but you become an inspiring model for everyone you encounter.