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You Are Absolutely Amazing

There is no other person on earth with the exact skills, knowledge and potential that you have. Not One!

Your job, is to become the best you that you can be. Not a copy of some other amazing person—but an exceptional you.

You are here to “LIVE YOUR LIFE”! Not someone else’s life, or what someone else expects you to be. You are amazing! You can be, do and have whatever you desire. There are no limits to your potential—unless you try to be other than you.

You were born to be the real you. That means you will have great days, ok days, and tough days. You will perform absolutely flawlessly, good enough and terribly. Your attitude will lift you into the heavens, and send you into the pits. Your friends will love and care for you, come and go, and will treat you badly. Time will fly by and will drag on. And your days will be an endless stream—of one after the other.

And through all of this…. you will still be you….

You go everywhere with you. So be nice to you. Be gentle in how you treat yourself. Sure you have flaws, SO WHAT! Everyone does.

In his wonderful book “Illusions”, Richard Bach said, “Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t!” We are all imperfect and we’re all learning. Take it easy on your imperfections.

This doesn’t mean be lazy, or don’t grow and change, it just means as you strive, learn and grow—don’t be overly hard on the flaws. Accept who you are, what you have to do, and the path you’ve chosen to travel. With each moment—keep your focus positive—because the negative is a trap. It bleeds you of energy, drive and opportunity.

You have ways to touch and enhance this planet, that only you can do. You really are amazing. Don’t listen to “them”. Let “them” keep their limitations. You can do things for yourself, your family, co-workers, community and world, in your own unique way.

Paramahansa Yogananda—physicist, philosopher and spiritual leader—said, “When you love, who wins? Even if the person you give love to doesn’t get it—who wins? You do. Because the process of loving enriches the giver, who wins by that openness.”

It is never too late to make your contribution. Whether that is a piece of poetry, a kind word, doing a job efficiently and effectively, volunteering, or applying a skill you learn to a task needing done.

Today is your day to be the best you that you can be. Live fully. Experience the richness, even in simple things. Learn and grow in even a small way. Stay positive in spirit, and lighten up on yourself—because though you are growing, learning, experimenting and changing—right here and now, you are a perfect you….