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Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart!

The Heart of Motivation
Putting Your Thoughts Into Action (Part 9 of 10)

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(…continued from last week)

Choose Unstoppability

Author Louis L’Amour said, “Up to a point, a person’s life is shaped by environment, heredity, and movements and changes that are all about them. Then there comes a time when it lies within their grasp to shape the clay of their life into the sort of thing they wish to be. Everyone has it within their power to say “This I am today. That I shall be tomorrow!””

Confucius said, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Think about what we just described. It’s a difference between being energized, excited in mind and body versus depressed and flat. It only takes a moment. You can do this. Give it a shot. Think about the Motivation Strategy but let’s take just a little step further than that.

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For instance, if you can, stand up right now. Think to yourself I’m going to make today a great day! I can have this positive feeling. I can achieve those things I need to.

Think about something you’re going to be doing in a few minutes. Won’t it be nice to have it done? Yes, see it done. As you stand, feel your physiology; feel inside of your gut, Yes! I can have this done!

See it and the secondary gains. And in your mind say, It’s going to happen, it’s going to happen now.

Feel the power in your legs, in your back, in your chest, in your stomach, in your arms, in your head as you stand here. Feel that energy in your physiology, lift your head and your eyes up, smile a bit, bounce on your toes a moment, move or swing your arms. Stand and move strong. Do this for one minute. If you did this once every hour for one minute you will be so much more productive, unbelievably more productive.

Using that powerful physiology and the Motivation Strategy together gets you going.

When you get into a powerful, resourceful state, people you are with have a tendency to become more that way too. They experience inner fire and want to feel the way you do. The best thing you can do for everyone you encounter is get your mind and your life aligned. Share that with others. Help them to be able to do that as well.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather be around someone who’s fun, excited, and making progress on his or her goals, being friendly, being interested in who you are and who other people are? So would everyone else. Be the kind of person you want to be around. We attract that which we are. Be that. Be that person who has this power and passion because you do.

There are times in your life when you are absolutely on fire, when you make a big difference for yourself and for the people around you. Doesn’t the world, your work, the people you encounter, your family, look different to you when you feel great vs. when you are stressed or sick? It does! It’s a different focus. In most cases, the way we perceive the situation has a larger impact on how we feel and how we experience than what’s actually occurring.

Stay Strong & Resourceful

One of your primary tasks in life is learning to run your own mind so you stay resourceful. So you get out there, so you go for it. You make life come alive.

On the back cover of his book Illusions, Richard Bach said, “How do you know when you’ve achieved your mission in life?” The answer, “You’re dead.”

Up until that point you’re a work in process, you’re still going for it, whether you’re doing college, whether you’re working your job, whether you’re raising a family, whether you’re managing people, whether you’re playing a sport, whether you’re inventing a new object, you are a work in process and you never stop.

(to be continued…)

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