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Risking – Going For Gold (Part 9)

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(…continued from last week)

Don’t give up too soon. There are times when we are so close and we just can’t quite get over the hump. Thomas Edison once said “Most people stop just before they get to success.” Don’t be that way. Don’t give up too soon, be persistent, be tenacious, and hang in there.

Do try to understand how the odds fluctuate up and down, know the things that influence the risk, use the odds that are in your favor. If something changes, observe it, pay attention, don’t take action till you’re absolutely certain, but when it’s time then step in and go.

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Don’t trust blindly. There are people out there who will take advantage of you. There are conmen who will take advantage of your inhibitions. They work on your blind spots. They will find out things about you and get you to do things you would never do otherwise.

Know your good qualities, know your greed, be aware of your self centeredness, know your dishonesties, and don’t buy into some other game somebody else is running. Don’t just blindly trust someone else.

Do list everything that can go wrong and why it can go wrong and what you’re going to make it go right. Whenever you allow someone to take risks for you, you’re putting your fate in someone else’s hands. You must step up and say “We worked on this together. But it was my choice to do this.” Take your own risks. If you need somebody to help you with it, that’s fine. But own that you made the decision.

Don’t take a timeout when you’re right in the middle of it. If you’re on a basketball court and you’re making a fast break down the court and there’s no one around you, don’t decide to take a break, go get a drink of water and then come back and start down the court again. You keep pressing down to the other end of the court. Keep pressing, don’t take a timeout when you’re risking, go for it; this is the moment, now is the time.

Of course when risk is long-term you can take breaks, you can slow down. But the time spent should be spent in earnest, focused, concentrating on doing the very best you can at that moment.

Do know when you’ve arrived. Sometimes people keep pressing on and on and on even though they’ve achieved the goal they desire. It may not look exactly like what they want, which is normal–rarely do things turn out 100% exactly like we want them–but there comes a time to say “I’m there.” Know when it’s time to say you’ve arrived.

You are unique. Your life situation is very different from other people’s. Even if you’re doing the same things they are, you are a different human being approaching things from different values, different beliefs, different skill sets. There is no one perfect answer to your problems.

You need to look at and analyze the changing variables, the risks, the goals, the change process, what you’re going to give up, what you’re going to gain, how to move through this in order to really be successful and hanging in there instead of letting it overwhelm you and failing.

Substitute for motivation? There is none. Nothing moves you forward like doing the best you can. If you do your best, nobody can fault you. You faced the demons so to speak, and you went to battle and you took action.

Does it turn out perfect? Rarely. But can you be further down the road than if you would have done nothing? Almost inevitably. Even the best prepared plans, the most clear-cut can sometimes become rough and cause difficulties along the way. That’s normal, plan on it, don’t be surprised by it, that’s reality.

The risks you will take depend on your vision of yourself and who you believe yourself to be. If you go through life without a picture, you’re going to wonder if you could have done more, if you could have achieved more, what could your life have been. Taking risks to be your best, to step up and grow is really part of who you are.

The happiest life is one where you feel comfortable being you. You’re doing those things, you’re stretching, you’re growing, and you’re moving. You don’t have to apologize for who you are, you’re not pretending to be somebody else, you’re being you but you’re being your best you.

If there is hope for any of us, we need to be living our happiest, most fulfilling lives. It’s essential to do that. You deserve happiness, you deserve success. It’s up to you to step up and take the necessary risks.

The risks you take to attain more, to be honest, to live a free life, are difficult at times, especially in the beginning. When you are dishonest with yourself about the risk and about the difficulty you’re encountering, you sometimes con yourself into stepping up, or else not stepping up when you need to.

As you risk more you’re going to find out about your potential and you will be learning. Risks become easier to take the more focused you are, the more clearly you define your goals, the more step-by-step you break them down. You’re going to enjoy the risks more and you will attain more. The life you create becomes your reality and it is absolutely limitless the more focused and intense you are in this process.

Somewhere behind every risk that you take is a life more worth living than where you are today. Decide where you go, and take action.

You can be, you can do, and you can achieve whatever you desire. There is no one who can stop you. Clarify your goals, make the plan for what you desire to achieve, and then take the risk. Go for it!

The Best of Success to You, Dr. Larry Iverson.

This concludes “Risking – Going For The Gold Medal”. Please stay tuned next week for an all new program that can improve your relationships, your success, and your life for good!

The best of success to you!

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