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Attitudes of Power

Attitudes of power exist that will energize your life and bring vitality into everything you see and do. These powerful attitudes and states of mind energize you in to moving forward into a more powerful, vivacious, focused and productive life.

The first of the energizing principles is living with an attitude of gratitude. Live with an attitude of gratitude. Could you have more? Could you do better in your life, your finances, your hobbies? We all could. Yet you need to appreciate what you have right now at this moment in your life.

Want to have a major eye opener. Take the time to travel within an underprivileged third world country where they don’t have the opulence we take for granted in the West. It’s a real eye opener. For most people, it makes you feel very grateful for all that you have.

Couldn’t you stand more? Of course, but gratitude is an aspect of love and thankfulness that are blended together. Gratitude is saying, “I’ve got stuff, I’ve got good things, I’ve got me, I’ve got health, I’ve got air, I’ve got what I need.” More? Sure more is fine but that isn’t necessarily something that you have to have.

Cultivate the attitude of gratitude and your life will begin to grow and expand because this gratitude principle is part of the ultimate law of success. To succeed you have to be grateful for what you have.

If you do not feel grateful for what you have the universe will, in many cases, take away from you that which you do have. You have to be willing to enjoy it and to appreciate those things or you tend to lose them.

Another attitude of power is proactiveness and choice of being cheerful, optimistic and warm towards other human beings. This means you are focused on the good. You are focused on things that are of benefit to you and the people around you.

You focus on the beautiful day, you focus on the help that someone has given you. You focus on the joy you get from the people you associate with at your work, neighborhood or church.

There are things that are unfair. People are not always nice. Tough decisions have to be made. Scary things happen that just terrify you. People say hurtful things. Yeah of course, that’s reality. But don’t waste your time dwelling on that stuff.

Get over that negativity. Focus on the opportunities in your life. Focus on the good you can have, and that you can do. Believe in the possibilities and you can have all the abundance you are willing to claim. And, because you’re positive, others will be more attracted to you.

Who would you prefer to be with? A grumpy, nasty, mean-hearted person, or someone who is proactive, encouraging and cheerful? Would you rather be with a person who really goes out and gives life their best shot? They do what they can, and they do it with a positive attitude. Think about it—which of those people are you making yourself into? Choose wisely your mental focus.

Every thought you think every single day is adding a grain of sand to either the negative or to the positive side of the emotional scale of your life. And it’s absolutely your choice. Every thought you think is building more of the good stuff in your life and experience, or the bad stuff. Which are you compounding in your life, as a result of your attitude and thinking?

A third attitude of power that supports and energizes your life is passion, enthusiasm and excitement. Get your energy up!

Years ago I heard a motivator by the name of Glenn Turner passionately say, “If you want to be enthusiastic you have to act enthusiastic!” which absolutely aligns with behavioral psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive conditioning.. It gets your energy up. Don’t bemoan what isn’t working. Act enthusiastically and it energizes your mind and your body.

Pick something, put your energy behind it and go for it! Get excited! When you give something your best shot, your brain and your body will focus in that positive direction.

Chart a course of action. Launch yourself into it. This power of passion moves you forward faster and easier because you see the possibilities and are clear about what you want.

Passion is a focusing device. Excitement and enthusiasm drive you. Use your mind, use your body; use your emotions to energize your life. Focus on the action with enthusiasm. Put yourself in motion.

To be proactive means to go out and go for it. In Latin, pro means “for; positive, towards”. Action means “to move, or put in motion”. So proactive means “you put yourself in a positive motion forward” toward your desired outcome.

Be proactive, be passionate, positive grateful. Keep this positive energy in your life. Keep these attitudes of power alive throughout your day. You will feel better and the people around you will love it!

Here are multiple ways you can rapidly generate attitudes of power and greater achievement. Learn from one of the masters of positivity in “P.T. Barnum’s Rules for Success