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Defuse Situational Conflict with a Thank You!

Order and download this entire audio program. I’ve Only Got Three Nerves Left – And You Are Pinching Two Of Them (Part 14) (…continued from last week) Don’t Try to Change Them Don’t try to change their mind. Don’t try and control them. They have a right to their opinions. Even if they’re wrong, they […]

Posted: September 19th, 2018 under Audio Programs.
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Nonverbal Communication Power

In 1971 Dr. Albert Mehrabian at UCLA published his book “Silent Messages”. In it he said that communication is 55% visual, 38% tonal, and only 7% the words we say. Since his book was released there has been massive scientific research documenting his findings. This same research also supports the general observations made by Jean-Jacques […]

Posted: October 2nd, 2013 under Tips for Success.
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Use Your Imagination for Greater Achievement

Compare the normal adult imagination to that of a child. It’s the difference between a 5 watt light bulb and a 1,000,000 watt search light. You wouldn’t want to live your life in the fantasy world that most children reside in, but your imagination is crucial.

Posted: September 25th, 2013 under Tips for Success.
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Take Focused Action

Have you ever wished for something to happen? You really wanted it, but took no action to make it become real? Haven’t we all…. While in New York attending the “white coat” ceremony for my son Nick, who was beginning medical school at Einstein School of Medicine, I had a great conversation with one of […]

Posted: September 18th, 2013 under Tips for Success.
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Make A Positive Impact

How many times have you told yourself, “When I have ________ (money, time, better health, etc.) then I’ll be able to _________ (change the world, etc., etc., etc.)” Or you’ve convinced yourself that, “When they finally do ______ (quit picking on me, make me a manager, etc.), then I can ________ (be happy, whatever.)” There […]

Posted: September 14th, 2013 under Tips for Success.
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The Perfect Time To Start

Have you ever heard someone describe another persons’ success as “luck”? “They are just so lucky. Things always seem to work out for them.” Thomas Jefferson said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Got big dreams? Have something you’d really like to do that could help your family, community, church, company, or world? […]

Posted: September 11th, 2013 under Tips for Success.
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Take Care of Yourself–Managing Negatives

Do you ever feel bored? Do you get down, sad, depressed? Do you yearn for company when others are not around? Though all of these are normal, your “company” part of your brain may need a bit of work. One evening while socializing with a buddy (I’ll call him Despondent Duffy), we were discussing relationships. […]

Posted: September 4th, 2013 under Tips for Success.
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How to Achieve Your Potential

How many times have you said the word “can’t” in your life? In actuality the more appropriate word would be “won’t”. It’s not that you can’t, it’s not that you aren’t able, it’s that you are choosing not to do ____________ (wash your car, write the paper, learn something new, confront a troublesome person in […]

Posted: August 28th, 2013 under Tips for Success.
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