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No More Excuses!
Controlling Your Destiny by Overcoming Excuses That Block Your Success (Part 6 of 9)

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(…continued from last week)

When you think about that magic vase, go find yourself a mentor. Somebody who can help you grow that skill.

Plan your next step. Learn. Listen to CDs. Read articles. Watch videos. Take the information and apply it. Take the information you get from friends, mentors, study, your mastermind group and help yourself move up to a whole other level.

What is one simple action you could do today to move you further down the path of action to achieving your goals?

Then, what could you do tomorrow? Could you take one more action? And what about the day after that, one more action? And the day after that another, and another and another? No more excuses. You start making a plan. You see where you want to go. You begin to build the steps and then you take the action. Today, tomorrow and the day after.

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Daily put together your plan of action for moving you ever closer to your dreams. It’s a step-by-step process. Think about something that you know would benefit you, your family, your work, the community surrounding you.

I received requests saying, “I need some help with this leadership skills. ” or, “I’d like to know about managing my state of mind. ”, or, “I’d like to know how to be a more effective team player.” That’s where this program ‘No More Excuses’ came from. I’ve had people I coach and audience members of programs I’ve presented ask, “Why do we make excuses? I put stuff off, I procrastinate. How come I do this?” I then took action to assist people who interact with me to help them break thorough barriers that hold them back.

I built this “no Excuses” program around that concept. One little step at a time. What are you doing to boost your power? What do you need to do to refine the champion’s mindset?

Take Action Now

To make a leap forward you must let go of being the victim. No matter what’s happened, it’s the past.

You quit sitting in “poor me”. You’ve got to give it up. You get over the excuse for what has and hasn’t happened until now. Yes it’s a shame, it’s very unfortunate, sorry you lost your money, bummer you wrecked your car, too bad you didn’t get the PhD you always wanted to get–but so what. Give it up. No matter why you didn’t do it or it didn’t work out–give it up.

Today’s a new day. Get over the excuses for what has or hasn’t happened up until now.

If you blow an appointment–own it. It’s worthwhile to review what you did to miss the appointment. What got in your way that you forgot it, that you avoided it? You got so preoccupied with something else that it escaped your mind and you blew it. Examine your motives. See if there’s a reason.

The champion owns the good and the bad performance. But like step four in the formula for success, the champion reviews what they did. They create a new plan of action. They make revisions. They go again, they keep moving, they don’t give-up. You “keep movin’ on down the road” so to speak.

To overcome excuses and justifications you have to give-up your attachment to what others think of you. And you have to give-up the attachment to them liking what you do or don’t do. If they don’t like your style of music so what? You have to decide to be true to yourself. You have to give-up trying to fit in to the picture others may have of you.

This is important—because you only have to make excuses as a way to take care of yourself, because of external judgment. Think about it. Excuses happen because we think we’re going to be in trouble, because we’re embarrassed, because we didn’t pull something off. We are concerned about the external world judging us because of our good or bad performance.

(to be continued…)

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