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Goal Achievement — Winning Proactiveness

Quit second guessing yourself. That’s right—stop doubting your decisions.

You have as much potential as anyone alive. You just have to get out of your own way.

“But what if I make a mistake? Or what if it doesn’t work out? Or what if I fail? So what! At least you took action, and if you paid attention you learned something in the process.

When Thomas Edison was asked about the many failures he had when developing the electric light bulb, he said, “Those weren’t failures, they were just errors on the way to success. I could only fail if I quit.”

Do some things scare you to do them because they are new, hard, or uncertain, maybe you’ve blown them in the past? Welcome to the human race. In order to succeed you’ve got to attempt something many times and refine with each attempt.

Don’t let your brain get you down. Keep moving. Keep taking action. Make a plan, do it, and if it doesn’t work perfectly—change the plan and go again.

Only you can defeat you. Become your own best ally and personal coach. Keep focused on your desired outcome and be proactive. You can get there if you just keep on keepin’ on.

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