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How to Get Great Results

College basketball coach John Wooden, was considered one of the best coaches ever, in any sport—winning 10 NCAA Championships in 12 seasons. He was a practical, no nonsense guy who was loved by his players.

He believed that everyone has huge potential. He said it’s just a matter of finding what they have the most potential in, and then building up that aspect of his/her life.

Mr. Wooden said, “When building a house, you must first make sure you have a solid foundation.” This makes sense, but many people try to rush the process, and pay a price later.

While head basketball coach at UCLA, at the beginning of each year he grounded the players in the fundamentals. This started during the very first team meeting. He would have them dress for practice, but instead of heading out to the court, he’d have them remain in the locker room.

He would discuss philosophy of a winning team. He would talk about what was required of them that season. After an hour or so of this, he would then say, “Now it’s time to get to work!”

The players would all jump to their feet ready to head out to the court so they could start shooting baskets. He’d then tell them to sit back down, because it was time to start work on the fundamentals—and they don’t begin with a ball in your hand.

He’d spend the next 2 hours telling them the types of socks and shoes to wear when playing. He would have them all practice putting on their socks correctly. They would then unstring their court shoes, and restring them “the right way.” He would have each player demonstrating this correctly with everyone watching them.

Why did he “waste” time doing this? They had all been putting on socks and shoes for years. While doing this, he told them example after example of players who were injured because of not having the right shoes. He talked to them about how by doing this they would avoid blisters and infection. He’d cite cases that they had all heard of where doing these things had enhanced the player’s performance.

Mr. Wooden would then conclude by saying, “You may never be the best who ever played. But if you do the fundamentals, and practice hard, you will become an exceptional you!”

You have the potential to become exceptional at many things. Pick one thing to begin making in-roads on. Choose the first thing you desire to master and go for it!

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