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(…continued from last week)

The people that we called gifted or that we call talented are not really all that much different than the majority of us. They’ve accepted their gifts—quite often they work hard at them—they let it happen, but they don’t work so hard like the little bird trying to bash its head against the window. They work hard by working smart. They get people to assist them and coach them. They use untapped resources and begin to tap them and use that potential that’s in them.

It’s time for you to do the same thing with some of your gifts. Claim them. Create them. Reach for them. Make things happen. If you look at your skills that you’ve developed over the years, there are talents within inside of those that you have never touched yet. You can find those gifts that are there and enjoy them.

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How many gifts are there? For every gift you have opened over the years there are truly hundreds more just out of reach that you haven’t touched yet and stepped up to. That you haven’t grasped and brought to your vision.

When you make this quantum leap, when you think about you, it makes a difference. Think of the little caterpillar that crawls along and goes into a cocoon and turns into a butterfly and flies on. It doesn’t even know that that’s what its vision is, it just acts. But you are a caterpillar who has butterfly potential in various parts of your life. Don’t just cocoon yourself; go ahead and turn into the butterfly.

Your Process

Quantum leaps don’t happen if you’re just living a life with no passion. You have to have passion! You have to have love! You have to have energy! You have to have vibrance!

Passion is a part of the process. It fires your mind, your heart, your energy. It energizes you so that you can move up to greater performance.

Passion itself must be fueled. You feed it with your vision, and your desires, with your hopes and your goals. And that passion grows. The emotional intensity must burn hot enough to protect you against the chilling effects of doubt, uncertainty, criticism, failure, and lack of action. Only that deep desire can generate the flames that will keep you going. It means you must choose to loosen the limits of your thinking, build the fire inside of yourself to make it happen.

Let your deepest desires direct your aim toward that vision, that goal, that thing you want to achieve, and you can take those quantum leaps. The inner drive must be strong enough to carry you past the wishful thinking. The dream must consume you. It must control you. It gives you action, it gives you energy.

This leap that we’re talking about is really an act of passion, of love. It’s an act of caring enough for yourself to go for it. Stop here for a moment and think about this–the leap is an act of caring enough about yourself to go for it. It’s you loving and believing in you.

Don’t bog down in getting ready. Whatever else you need is going to come as you go along.

Remember—you have to have the vision, you have to make the leap. All that stuff in between sometimes comes along when you’re not expecting it. You can make a career out of laying the groundwork. Don’t. Don’t prepare and prepare and prepare and prepare. Somewhere along the line, you have to leap.

Having zero defects is a great goal. But it might not happen. That doesn’t mean don’t act, it means I might make a mistake so I can correct it on down the line. You act, you figure out what’s happening, you then correct as you go along the way.

Once again, that leap is something you’re already ready to do right now, this moment. You have vision. You have things you have wanted to do for years, that you have not acted on yet.

Maybe today is your day. Getting ready can be a stalling tactic. It can be an act of anxiety, it can be a way of conning yourself. Quit getting ready. Take action.

It’s Here Now

Everything else that you need is here right now. It comes from inside of you-the opportunity, the timing, the power, the knowledge, the people. It’s all here right now. It may not be perfect, but it’s here.

The formula for the Science of You, the strategy for taking these big leaps, is here. You have the answers. It’s right here inside of you in this moment in time. If you see the vision, you think about it, you put together some of the plans, you can begin moving right at this moment in time.

You can do something. Your dreams, your desires, the thoughts that burn hottest in your mind carry messages that can move you—they point the way towards the best that you can be. Look inside for what pulls you. Look inside for what pushed you. Look for those things that give you passion. Everything else is just positioning.

Quit getting ready. Quit waiting. It’s time to get out there and go for it. You can be, you can do, you can achieve just about anything you desire so step up and make it happen.

This concludes “The Science of You”. Please stay tuned next week for an all new program that can improve your relationships, your success, and your life for good!

I wish you the absolute best of success. Make your leap. Achieve your vision and your desired future.

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