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Risking – Going For Gold (Part 7)

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(…continued from last week)

Evaluating The Risk

In preparing to step up to new action, you need to evaluate the risk you’re going to take. One of the hardest things to do is evaluate your own needs, your values and what you want to achieve.

The decision to step out and take that risk for your own best interest is essential to achieving any goal in your life. You must be able to evaluate the risks you face.

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You need to clarify your vision and where you want to get to. The things you desire to do may sometimes become overshadowed by emotions, by the obstacles or restraints you put in front of it, like other people’s wishes and desires. But you must be able to evaluate the risk (even with these impediments in front of you) so that you know whether it’s a go or a no-go.

To assess the action or risk you are contemplating, there are many questions you need to ask yourself. There are essentials you need to be sure you don’t overlook. Here are the things you need to consider to assist you in preparing to take a risk.

Questions to Consider:

Is this risk really necessary to achieve the goals I want?

Can I reach my goal in other ways besides this?

Is the potential loss if I do this greater than the possible gain?

What can I lose by doing this?

What will show me if I am losing at this risk?

How can I stop, avoid, or prevent these losses from occurring?

What things do I need to know or understand before I take this risk?

Is there someone I can talk to that can assist me in clarifying the possible complications within this?

Who should I tell about this, and who should I not?

When would be the best time to put my plan into action?

What makes risking necessary at this time?

When would be the worst time it to take action?

Who could be my cheerleaders and want to see me succeed?

Who may put obstacles or negativity my way?

Who all will profit by this action?

Who else can lose by my doing this?

Does it matter what people think about this risk?

Do I care about others’ opinions of me and the risk?

Am I afraid or feeling nervous? If the answer is yes then what am I afraid or nervous about? If the answer is no then why am I not feeling nervous or afraid?

Are there mental, emotional, spiritual, or financial obstacles that get in my way?

What could make me change my mind about doing this risk behavior?

Am I doing this to please somebody else?

Have I taken similar risks and how did they go?

What will happen if I don’t take a risk?

Am I prepared to take action?

Can I turn back once I’ve begun?

Where is the point of no return?

Will things be the same as before if I choose to stop or turn back?

How sure am I that events will turn out the way I want them to?

What do I need to do before I begin so I’m prepared?

Do I have blind spots or things that I’m ignoring?

How much am I willing to bet that I am right?

What is the first step?

When am I going to take the first step?

It’s essential to take some time and answer these questions. If you don’t think through what you’re doing before you start, the chances of loss are fairly significant.

What’s The Warning

We’ve already discussed that it’s scary to step into new territory because you don’t know the outcome. That scary feeling is not a stop signal, it is a caution light.

All stop signals have green, yellow and red lights. The nervous feeling inside of you is not a red light, it’s a yellow light. It means pay attention–caution–watch what’s going on–follow the rules–be aware while doing what you need to do–make certain you’re not going to get broadsided going through the intersection. Pay attention to your gut feeling, and notice what it’s warning you about.

These questions help you assess your true desire to take this risk. It helps you also look at whether there are things that can blindside you so that you’re not going to be able to succeed in your endeavor. It is only a yellow light, not a red light.

Anxiety Comes With The Territory

Risks are scary for everyone – that doesn’t mean don’t take them, it just means pay attention.

Joe Montana, one of the winningest quarterbacks in Superbowl history was being interviewed. The journalist asked what it is like preparing for a Superbowl.

Montana said he had two competing feelings, and he had to choose which one to focus on.

One part of him felt very nervous. He was scared, he was tense, he was anxious about what was going to happen. The other part was excited, passionate, enthused and ready-to-go.

He said if he focused more on his feelings of fear it brought him down. If he focused more on being passionate, excited and ready-to-go, then he became more up.

He said that it was a choice of focus. If he focused on one it tended to take away from his game. If he focused on the other it enhanced his game. They are both there, and he felt them both. It was primarily about which one he was going to give the majority of his focus to.

There is that tension creating opportunity inside a risk. Part of it is scary and part of it is exciting. Which do you choose to focus on most?

You focus on one, it will take you off your game. You focus more on the other and it will lift you up, boost you and help move you forward into taking that step that is so essential to the action necessary to achieve this growth process.

(to be continued…)

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