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Creating Greater Success – Go For It Now!

Anybody can succeed once — often by accident. Yet ongoing success requires having vision, making a plan, taking action, revising your plan, taking new corrected action, revision of that new plan, taking more action, etc.

Your habits will make or break you. Can you discipline yourself? Of course–you exercise your discipline daily.

Recall something you’re very good at—work, home, sports, a place you’ve developed skill.

Why are you skillful? Because you had a vision and imagined you could do it. You planned the action you’d take, you took action, you revised the plan, took action again and again—and now today you have skills in that area of your life.

Your repeated revision and motion grew your skills. This attitude of action is a habit pattern. When you now do this skill you’re good at, it’s easy, a no-brainer.

Your skillset shows the world what you value. Your commitment to excellence began from a stream of thought—“I can! I will! Take action! Keep on going!” Everything in life where you are skillful is from this process.

Your potential is limitless. Make sure your thoughts and self talk are moving you in the direction you desire. If you are wishy-washy, or doubting yourself–you are in trouble.

Step up! Get control over your mind. Mentally coach yourself like you would a good friend. You deserve to achieve greatly. Go for it!

Best of Success to You,

Dr. Larry Iverson

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