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(…continued from last week)

Be Clear At The Start

In many cases, everything that is in agreement with what we want and our desires seems true, seems great, doesn’t it? Quite often though, if it disagrees with us, we tend to get distressed or stressed and try to figure out a way around it even if we know that’s probably something we need to pay attention to.

Is it any wonder it’s often times so hard to get at the answers to our problems? You could have the same trouble trying to solve a second grade arithmetic problem if you went on the assumption that 2+2=5. It does not. The fact is 2+2=4. Yet there are a lot of people who make trouble for themselves by insisting that 2+2=5.

We know that we’ve to first find the facts before we can do what we need to do. When you are overly emotionally charged, worried, anxious, panicked, tense, or overwhelmed, emotions take root and grow and cause distortion about what is real.

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A couple of things that can assist you while in the process of getting the facts in a clear objective manner are first, imagine you are collecting information, not just for yourself but for someone else. When you do this you can think about it in a more detached way, because you are just collecting data for someone else. It may be someone important to you or not, but you are just collecting data. Take ‘you’ out of the equation temporarily.

It helps you make a more impartial, more logical view of the evidence facing you. It helps you slow down the emotional impact because it takes you out of the equation.

And second, when collecting these facts, you can step into the situation looking at it as if you were a judge preparing to argue the other side.

In other words, when you are getting the facts, you need to look at it from multiple perspectives. You look at it from various situations, more impartially like a judge and less emotionally attached.

You look at all of the facts, some that are damaging of you, some that are supporting of you, ones you don’t like to face, ones you are hoping for. You look at all the possibilities there. Then you write down both sides of it and you look at where the truth of those facts really is from this more impartial point of view.

The Decision

This process of looking at what you are going to analyze, getting the facts, and then analyzing the facts from multiple logical detached perspectives helps you arrive at a decision and then take action on that decision. When a decision is reached, it’s time to act.

One of the fastest ways you can kill your credibility in front of someone else is to have a decision to make, you know what you want to do, you have analyzed the facts and you don’t take action. When people see you stalling, procrastinating, waiting, holding back, they lose their belief in you. Your credibility is lessened.

And in your own mind, when you know it’s time to make a decision, you have the information, you know what you need to do and you don’t, that little gut level part of you begins to feel afraid and takes away your power to take action. Once we make the decision based on the facts, go into action.

Don’t stop, don’t worry, don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate, don’t go into self-doubt, and don’t keep looking over your shoulder. You step up, you think about it, and you move. You look at what you are going to do, you think about it, and then you start at that time. You move at that moment.

(to be continued…)

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