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Are You Running On Autopilot?

Part 1 of 12 from Wake Up and Win! Turn Off The Autopilot

There are times that autopilot is a very good thing. Obviously in order to live you have to breathe, so air is required. You don’t need to think about the process of breathing, you just do it–it happens on autopilot.

The average person breathes about 18 breaths each minute which is about 9,460,000 breaths in and out each year. It’s almost totally done on autopilot. Though sometimes we do it a little more consciously and take time to take in those deep breaths that are good for us–but normally breathing runs on autopilot.

There are parts of our lives we want that way, but for the most part we need to live consciously, not on autopilot.

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To successfully play the game of life you need to put together certain rules which will help you through. The ultimate thing you’re doing is learning to survive. Everyone has their ritual they go through to survive and do what they need to do. It consists of behavioral patterns which result in making sure we have enough air, food, love, shelter and so on.

Unfortunately along the way, there are many false associations and assumptions that get built up over the years. What you want to do is let go of things that get in your way and live more consciously without being on autopilot so that your family, your businesses, your health can all thrive. That is what “Wake Up & Win ~ Turn Off The Autopilot” is all about.

Your Stuff & Your Beliefs

We all have ‘stuff’. Physical ‘stuff’. Mental ‘stuff’. Emotional ‘stuff’. And we carry it around with us and we tend to cling to it. It’s our personal valued ‘stuff’ that to some degree defines who we are.

Stuff is a term that I am going to use for the content of our lives, and in our particular case the content of our minds which sets up winning or losing. And we carry it around. Oftentimes we don’t even like it, but we carry our ‘stuff’ around with us.

‘Stuff’ can be habits. ‘Stuff’ can be tendencies. ‘Stuff’ can be attitudes. It consists of the beliefs, opinions, positions, prejudices, judgements, all these various mind structures that build this stuff around us.

Changing our stuff is a good trick. There is no wilful changing it. The philosopher Nietzsche once said, “If it comes to a battle between the will power and the imagination, the imagination will win hands down every time.” So wilfully trying to change our ‘stuff’ doesn’t usually work. Moreover, you are much more than just habits and thoughts, those are just things you are fixated on or focused on at this time. You are much more than that.

Please don’t mistake thinking that the ‘stuff’ that you cling to is permanent, it’s not, it’s only temporary and much of it is very unimportant and it comes and goes.

The ‘stuff’ that you had in your life – physical and mental, emotional – when you were in high school is probably very different than the ‘stuff’ that you are carrying around as an adult today. But it was so important then wasn’t it?

The way people thought about you, what you had, what you didn’t have, the way you wanted to be treated, the way you wanted to treat others, the relationship, the achievements – that was so important wasn’t it? Well, in formulating who you are, it is important, but that’s just ‘stuff’.

(to be continued…)

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