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Can You Perceive What Is Going On Around You?

Part 6 of 11 from Mission Success

(continued from last week…)

Responsibility Reality

Ayn Rand said, “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity. Get going!”

George Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life it is about creating yourself.”

You can decide what you are going to think. You can decide what your goals will be. You can pick your priorities today. By directing and managing your thinking patterns, your focus, your goals, you can bring about predictable changes in your world and in your behavior and those predictable changes can move you ever closer to where you want to be.

As you increase your understanding of how to move yourself, you are truly taking some of those rocks out of your pack. You are lightening the load and giving yourself wings on your shoes to help you move yourself forward to have a better, healthier, happier more effective life. It’s about choices.

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Let’s think about a situation, let’s say you are sitting in a room, and in walks a full grown male lion. What’s going to happen? Well the first thing is that you are going to perceive there has been change in your environment.

Something is different, your eyes, ears nose and senses are going to say something is different in this room at this moment in time. You perceive it. You then begin to associate that perception into your own unique reality about lions, whatever that means, what you think about lions, are they safe, are they wonderful, are they scary, are they a good thing, a bad thing?

After you associate what lions mean in your world, you then begin to evaluate the possibilities. What is the likelihood that this live lion or something that looks like a lion may be dangerous to me? What can you do, what can happen, is there a probability that you want to still sit there with that thing walking in the room looking at you?

After you evaluate the situation of what might happen, you then make a decision. Do I sit here, do I go through the door to a different room, do I yell, do I just hang out for a moment to see if the lion is going to love me or eat me or what’s going to happen?

You perceive what’s happening around you; you associate into it for a moment. You then begin to evaluate what it means and then you decide what you are going to do. Everything you do all day long is that process. You do that whole process when you are eating, you do it when you are choosing where you are going to drive next, if you are going to make a call, business or pleasure, and deciding what are you going to do after you finish your work day.

You perceive what’s going on around you, you associate into what it means, you evaluate the possibilities, you then decide if you are going to act or not take any action.

Your brain has the power to move you in very positive ways but it’s a conscious choice. You need to begin living your life on purpose rather than by accident!

(to be continued…)

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