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Do You Know The Formula for Motivation?

The Heart of Motivation
Putting Your Thoughts Into Action (Part 2 of 10)

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(…continued from last week)

The Motivation Strategy Is A Power For Life

When this process was being developed there were hundreds of people analyzed who had the ability to get themselves going rapidly, anytime, anywhere. The researchers were trying to figure out how do some people get themselves going so easily and so fast?

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Well, it’s a simple formula that author and trainer Steve Andreas has shared with many, including me. This can be used right before you begin a task. Once you know how to do this, it only takes a moment –seconds, half a minute, a minute to get it going. It’s really fast. Like any skill you have, the more times you do it, the easier it is to use, and the better it works.

There is the formula, let’s break it into component steps so you can understand it. It is a 5-part process.

Ad > Vc > Ad > K+ > VAK

Ad (Auditory Digital) is your own self-talk, your internal dialogue (you can say it aloud or just inside of your head)

Vc (Visual Constructed) is your mental images, these are brand new pictures of something you make up inside your head.

K+ (Kinesthetic, Feelings & Emotions) in this case, this is the positive feeling of success you have when completing something.

VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) is seeing “it” completed, hearing yourself affirming it’s done and feeling success at having completed “it”.

The Motivation Strategy Process

The first thing that happens is you ask yourself a question. Ad You can ask it aloud or in your own mind. The question is, “Won’t it be great to have this done?” What do you think the answer is? Yes! of course it would be great to have this done!

You begin by asking yourself this question and your internal dialogue is enthusiastically telling you how wonderful it would be to have this accomplished. You need to think this to yourself with a mental voice that has passion and urgency. You don’t want to say it in a dull tone.

The first thing you do is ask yourself that question in a passionate tone. It begins there.

Once you’ve done that, second, in your mind you see it done. Vc You picture it finished and see the outcome. You don’t worry about the details at this point, you just SEE IT DONE! You see the result fully accomplished. Don’t get bogged down in the process. See it completed.

When you picture it done, this generates excitement to get on with it. The steps along the way will take care of themselves once you can get yourself moving. You’ve probably thought about the details a lot, you probably know how to do all of those things.

You have it broken down, you know where to start, you are now standing on the spring pad and this is going to thrust you into movement, this is going to get you ready to take action this second. Picture in your mind as clearly and vividly as you can this thing you want to get going on, done.

Picture the end result as completed. Imagine how good you look with that done – smiling, happy, feeling good. You also want to see the secondary gains you will have, the secondary benefits, by having achieved this. Some of the secondary gains might be making money, a job, a promotion, better health, being happy, your children having a better life, your spouse and you doing something you wanted to do, winning a trophy, feeling confident.

What you’re doing is creating a collage. So first – Won’t it be great to have this done? Yeah! Absolutely! – and then you SEE IT DONE and around it you create a collage of all these things that you’re going to get out of having it done.

No matter how small, no matter how large the thing is you want to get going on – whether that is writing a book or whether that is just getting your bathroom cleaned – you see the secondary benefits of having that done. You see the thing completed, fully completed, and you also see the secondary gains you’ll have on top of that.

Third is you vow to yourself. Ad A vow is one of those statements you make that is so powerful that it makes you unstoppable. You vow to yourself This is a done deal! Unless I am incapacitated, unless I am in the hospital, unless I am in a full-body cast, it’s going to happen—and it’s going to happen NOW! It’s done! It is a given! I’m going to do this!”

You enthusiastically, emphatically think that to yourself right as you’re seeing those pictures. This “meta” statement helps you accomplish the goal. You feel more motivated, you feel more like moving, you’re ready to get going. It’s the sort of warm, fuzzy feeling that you get from doing things.

To enhance this feeling of success, you might briefly recall the time when you are absolutely on fire. You say to yourself and vow to yourself, It’s Done! And then as you’re doing that, feel that gut sense of it’s on track, that gut feeling of ‘Yes, it’s happening!’, it’s happening right now!’ Picture it in your mind, feel it inside of yourself, feel that good feeling as you affirm that.

And then lastly, you see, hear, and feel it all together. VAK And then, after you’ve done that you start.

This is not a process where you think about it for a long, long time and then you take a nap, and then you have something to eat, then you go jog around for a while, and then you start. No, you don’t wait even a second, you start now. You begin while you feel that charge. Use this all through your day on things.

We often times need to remember motivation is a kick start to get going. It’s something that gets you in action. It gets you moving. It gets you started.

(to be continued…)

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