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Handle Your Mind

I’ll bet there are parts of your life that are just as you hoped they would be. On the other hand, there are probably aspects that you’d wish would just disappear.

Our lives are just about as good or as lousy as we make them—or as we let them be. Perhaps you are embarking on a new venture, and it’s not working out the way you’d hoped. The saying “If what you’re doing isn’t working—then try something else.” applies.

That doesn’t mean quit, it means refine—re-engineer—take a different approach—study—model what’s working elsewhere, etc. You can do, be, and have, just about anything you desire. You just have to find a way to get there.

There are times when you don’t know what to do to make it different. Use lateral thinking—ask yourself questions like, “What else could I do besides “X” to get “Y” ?” (What else could I do besides fishing/knitting/working/exercise to have more fun in my life?”)

Or, “Who is someone that is getting results similar to what I want, and how can I use/do some of what they are doing, so I can get better results too?”

Your limiting beliefs are what block you. Give them up!

You don’t have to keep thinking the same way. Choose to send your thinking and actions in a new direction. The payoff for your proactiveness is a better life. Experiment!

Make Today a Great Day!