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How Attractive Are You?

Part 9 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

(continued from last week…)


The second is that we need to be credible. One thing we all desire is peace of mind. We all want to deal with people again and again who they have a connection with us. We need to feel that they are doing things that are beneficial to us. They need to feel connected to us.

The Look

Third, how attractive are we? In other words appearance makes a big difference.

If you go into a place and it’s dirty and it’s unkempt does that send a whole different image than if it’s clean, spotless, well-kept and in order? The answer is absolutely. Appearance can be deceiving, but customers draw a lot of conclusions about the quality of service from the appearance.

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I remember going to a new dentist. When I went in his office it was rather musty. I looked around and there were crumpled old magazines spread around. Some of the chairs had little rips in the seats. I didn’t even stay for the appointment, I turned around and left. Attractiveness plays a part in the impressions.


Fourth, we need to be responsive. We need to make certain that we are accessible, available, and willing to help customers whenever they have a problem and that means we keep them informed.

We provide service as soon as possible. We need to do what we can to be responsive to their needs.

Can people get a hold of you? Can they catch up with you? That doesn’t mean you’re on call 24 hours a day, but can they get hold of you when they really need to get hold of you? If they can, good for you and good for them – we need to be responsive.


We need to have empathy – we need to look at the situation from their perspective. Every person wants to be treated as unique, as special, as an individual.

Each person has a unique personality. They have wants, they have reasons for what they’re doing and we need to treat that person as someone with uniqueness.

Being empathetic means I put myself in that customer’s, that friend’s, that spouse’s shoes and look at the situation from their perspective. I need to look at things and grasp their point of view so I can understand what they need, what they want, better from their perspective.

These five things make such a difference – reliability, credibility, appearance, responsiveness and empathy. We need to remember them because they help build stronger, more powerful relationships with everyone personally and professionally.

(to be continued…)

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