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How Can You Achieve Success?

Part 3 of 12 from Qualities of Highly Successful People

(continued from last week…)

Launching Your Success

Though Al Hafed had many qualities of success, some of them he had perverted and they ultimately ended in his demise.

You don’t need to fall in to the traps he did. You have the power and the ability to make your life whatever you desire it to be. So, let’s begin to look for a moment, what some of these qualities are of the highly successful.

#1 – Drive

You have to have the determination to work harder than most and make sure things get done. You pride yourself on seeing things getting completed and you take charge when necessary. You drive yourself with purpose and you align yourself with excellence.

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Brian Tracy said, “Success is about getting yourself to do those things that you need to do, after you have done all you have to do.”

Drive moves us. You have to have a focus. You have to have a reason. There are really only 2 drivers of human beings – to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. Those are the two great motivators.

To generate drive, you at times use the carrot and sometimes the stick. But the most effective is really to use both.

You think about what you are going to gain, that which will benefit you, that which will help you achieve those things you desire. And then you consider what you might lose if you don’t take action. There are times when thinking about what you might lose if you don’t move will get you going when nothing else can.

Being goal-focused or being avoidance-focused can both be used to generate motivation.

Focus is Essential

A salesman I worked with was one of the top in his field nationally. He earned a good living. He had the respect of his peers and a great family life. He won national awards in the company for what he had achieved, and yet he often was miserable.

What we figured out was that it was not just the goals that made his life work, but it was also having a sense of fulfilment. It wasn’t just about making the money or selling the client, but he needed to feel good about what he was doing. He needed to have a sense of purpose, and that gave him the push to get going.

What made a major impact was that he not only thought about what he would achieve, the money he would make, the goals, how much good he would do for clients. He also thought about that he was providing for his wife and children–beyond just the dollars. He was giving them a sense of safety, of security.

He was thinking about how he was going to avoid pain by doing this. By working hard he could avoid the pain of failure, the pain of looking bad in the eyes of the people he cared about.

Drive, it’s one of those things that all people who are highly successful have!

(to be continued…)

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