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Are You Acting With Proprietary Interest?

Part 4 of 12 from Qualities of Highly Successful People

(continued from last week…)

#2 – Self-Reliance

One of the best definitions of accountability and reliance I’ve heard is acting from what is termed “proprietary interest”.

If you think about back to the days of the old west, who was the proprietor of the general store? Normally it was person who owned the store because it was a fairly small operation, usually just one person running it or maybe a man and a woman together – husband and wife, but they were self-reliant and accountable. They were the proprietors.

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They owned it. They took responsibility for the products, for getting what was needed, knowing their customers providing good service and running their profitable business.

Acting with a proprietary interest level of accountability means you “own” what’s going on around you. Wherever you work, you treat your job as if you own the business.

If something goes wrong, standing and blaming your team members for what they did and how they dropped the ball is not going to help. If your boss did not give you enough information, it’s easy to blame the boss but that doesn’t usually help either. Owning your portion of what happened is essential.

Self-reliance is about you standing up and owning your part. If you are in a leadership role, proprietary interest accountability means you own what your people do.

During an interview with basketball coach Phil Jackson, he said “When there are problems, it’s because I didn’t do something right. When we win and we do well, it’s because the team worked hard.”

In other words, he takes it all on himself for any problem and gives 99% of the credit to the people for their hard work for the successes they have. If there is an issue, he figures out what he didn’t teach or show them to help them succeed. If a good thing happens, he thinks about that and how they worked hard and what they did to make it happen.

(to be continued…)

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