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How To Stop Worry From Stopping You

Part 10 of 10 from The Heart of Winning!

(continued from last week…)

Worry is painful over-concern that is bad for your health, hard on your finances, and tough on your relationships. It’s the misuse of your imagination. It is putting your brain to work making you feel bad. Worry is a form of negative self-talk, it’s “what-ifing” things. Those what-if’s can scare you terribly and stop you dead in your tracks.

Worry is the result of projecting bad things that might occur, using our imaginations to create bad things. Think about that, the only reality is that there are possibilities out there; there are good possibilities and bad possibilities. You need to think about how things may go wrong. You need to think about what you can do to make things go right, but staying focused on why things are not going to work and bad things will defeat you more than anything else.

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The only reality is what you are doing right now. The rest of it is just possibilities. It’s the events of this day, this life, what’s going now right now that makes a difference. If you plan, if you prepare, if you project a vision and you’re taking action towards that vision, scaring yourself is probably not going to help you be better. Worry is a negative projection that you are going to fail. If you invest your vision in failure you probably will fail. Worry is a vision of failure.

If you live by the principles of love, service, kindness, integrity, honor, honesty, and commitment, you are going to do better. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do. Focus on the positive and detach from the negative. Good action today will probably produce a pretty good living and a good life tomorrow. Reasonably good expectations for tomorrow are based on positive thinking and action today. Instead of imagining all the bad things that might happen to you, start thinking about how things are going to work out, how things can go right, about how things can be good. That kind of thinking is a choice.

Worry is a perfectionistic type of thinking, thinking that if we are not perfect, we might fail. But if you don’t take action you certainly will fail because you’ve done nothing. You’re better off to get out there and go for it and see what happens. The kind of attitude that makes it difficult to experience setbacks is fear. Worry is a fear based emotion.

Michael Jordon wrote a book I Can’t Accept Not Trying. He said “I missed more than 9000 shots in my carrier. I lost more than 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to make the game winning shot and I missed it and we lost. I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeeded.”

Focusing on the positive allows you to do everything better than negative thinking or negative projections or worry-type of thinking will.

What if people on an athletic team sat around talking about how they are going to lose and how they suck and how terrible they are? Talking about how the other guys are bigger, better and faster. Do you think that’s really going to pump them up? I don’t think so. You are born to do great things, you can make all kinds of wonderful things happen in your life. Have positivity, have positive projection. Positive focus can assist you in achieving more. It will make you better in every area of your life.

You need to live with an attitude of gratitude. You can have great things, you can make life wonderful, but winning is an attitude, winning is planning, winning is vision, winning is moving forward sometimes even though things are tough, taking action, taking a risk, going for it, maybe falling down and getting up and going again. Winning is a process, it is not an end, it is a movement, and that movement can happen moment to moment, day by day.

You can be, you can do, you can achieve whatever you desire if you get out there. You were born to be a winner, you were born to do great things. You can win minute to minute, day to day, setting your goals, giving it the best you got, you’ll get there. Get on out there and go for it.

This concludes “The Heart of Winning!” Please stay tuned next week for an all new program that can improve your relationships, your success, and your life for good!

Make today a winning day!

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