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Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Part 9 of 12 from Qualities of Highly Successful People

(continued from last week…)

#7 – It’s Up To You

Psychological researcher, Dr. Abraham Maslow, talked about the “hierarchy of needs”.

The first need is biological and physiological needs. You have to have shelter, you need to be able to stay warm and be able to cool off when needed, you need to have water, you need to have air, you need to have food, you need to sleep, these are basic needs. You must have those things to live.

Next is safety needs. You have to feel safe and secure. You have to be able to know you’ll be ok.

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The third need is belongingness. It is having family, feeling affection, having relationships with others, having a group you participate in or work group you can belong to, that’s crucial. After you get your basic physiological needs and safety needs handled, the next is we need to feel love and belonging.

After that comes the need for self-esteem. Taking care of yourself and self-actualization, which is personal growth.

One of the traits of people who have great presence is that they can reach out and make a connection to the people around them. It is as if they encompass others and it is as if you are part of their world, it’s like they have folded you into who they are.

People who are highly successful can connect with other people; their passion breaths passion in others; their drive and their focus can be seen by others and builds drive and focus in the other people. This connection, the third of Maslow’s needs, this belongingness is essential. We need to feel that. Everybody wants to have it, there is no one alive who doesn’t want to feel connected.

The most confirmed bachelor or bachelorette still wants to be loved and appreciated and accepted and have people who care about them and care about other people. Just because you are not committed to a permanent life long relationship does not mean that the connection is not important to you, it is important to everyone. It’s part of the animal world, it is part of the plant world, it is part of the human world.

Having that connection, that willingness to grow and move and have and do together is essential. You need to be able to relate to others. They need to be able to relate to you. Having that connection with them makes all the difference.

(to be continued…)

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