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Relax Into Your Power!

Make Everyday A Great Day!
(Part 7 of 8)

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(…continued from last week)

Relax Into Your Power

To use this relaxation process I’d like you to close your eyes, and either sit comfortably or lie down. Just relax. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the exercise.

Here is how you can guide yourself through this. Read a paragraph, then close your eyes and mentally go through what I just said to do. Or think about the focus for a moment. When it seems like it’s time, open your eyes and read the next paragraph. Do what I suggest. Then when it seems like you’ve done that long enough (5 to 10 seconds) go to the next paragraph. And so on.

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The Process

Feet and Legs. I want you to begin relaxing your body one part at a time. I’d like you to imagine that coming right down through the roof of the building, down into the toes of both of your feet at the same time is a golden relaxing energy. Flowing down into your toes, relaxing them and filling them up as if they were hollow. Imagine that golden relaxing energy flowing into the balls of your feet, into your arches, into your heels, moving up into your ankles. Just completely relaxing them, filling them up, just like your feet were a hollow vessel. Imagine that golden relaxing power flowing up into the calves of your legs, into your knees, into your thighs, right on up into your hips. Just completely filling your legs and your hips and your feet with this golden relaxing power.

Hands and Arms. Imagine it now coming into the fingers of both of your hands, flowing from your fingers into your palms, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms and shoulders. Just loose and limp, very loose and limp.

Torso and Neck. Imagine now that down at the base of your spine is a small glowing golden ball of warm energy. Imagine that warmth and feel that warmth beginning to move slowly up your spine, moving up and up, moving right on up your spine, up into your neck area and now flowing on up into your scalp. Just relaxing your scalp, filling your torso and your neck and it flowing up into your scalp, so your scalp relaxes and it moves down over into your forehead, completely relaxing your brow.

Head. Feel the skin go very smooth and even, as all tension fades away and allow that relaxing power to flow down into your eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and jaw. That’s right, just totally filling you up with this golden relaxing power. Imagine that it’s filling you and it’s surrounding you. It’s all around you and just feel your body and just let it be at ease, just let your feet totally relax, your legs, your hands, your arms, your torso, your neck and your head, totally relaxed and at ease.

Picture A Positive Outcome. I’d like you right now to imagine something you desire to achieve in the future, it could be near, it could be far, it could be personal, it could be professional, but it’s something that you can take action on. I want you to envision it. It can be a major event or thing, it can be a minor one, it doesn’t really matter, but see that thing out there, see yourself in that picture, see yourself standing there achieving what it was. Don’t worry about the process per se but see yourself at the end. See it as if it is already done. It’s completed, it’s fulfilled, you’re there, you’ve succeeded and attained that goal you desire for yourself. Envision it.

Think Back. Now you can think about some of those things you will need to do to make it happen. Walk backwards for a moment. Think about some of those things you’ll need to do, people you may need to talk to, actions you may need to take, places you may need to go or things you may need to study, some of the time it will take to put into it. All of that’s true but the achievement of a goal begins by imagining the success of achieving that worthwhile goal, not getting bogged down in the process, the desired goal outcome, something you can achieve and believe. That’s right, anything you can achieve and believe, you can do it. See that thing you desire and as you think about that thing, notice how good it feels inside to know that you can make that happen. Daily you need to think about those things that are most important to you personally and professionally and as you do so, you envision them as done.

The Zone. The motivation strategy is a powerful process. At its core is, seeing it done. Affirming, “I can do this, I will do this,” and seeing it done. That in itself is a big part of the process of achievement. You can have those things you desire in life, you just have to make them happen and you flow into it. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes you really have to work at it, yet there’s still a flow state. Have you ever heard of being in the zone? The zone is a flow state. The zone is about relaxing into it. And knowing you’ll achieve your desired outcome.

Relax & See Your Success. Relax yourself, calm your mind, focus on what you want, think about those things, create the plan and as you have that plan, see the steps, step by step. Little steps in many cases will get you where you want to go. It’s not usually one giant leap, although sometimes the leaps make a difference. We do have to take those leaps when they come and appear before us, yet at the same time something you do with persistence helps you achieve that goal you see there in front of you. See the end result you want and feel how great it will feel to accomplish that. See and feel it right now.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Stretch and feel the positive, powerful self that you are deep inside. You can achieve your dreams.

(to be continued…)

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