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Risking – Going For Gold (Part 2)

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(…continued from last week)

Risk Entails Loss

“What are you willing to give up?” With every change there is loss.

What are you willing to give up to have whatever you desire, whether that’s a better relationship, more money, your own business, a change of business, living in a different location, having a family, taking more time than you normally take for yourself, what are you willing to give up to have that? Because for everything you get, there is a tradeoff. You have to let go of something else.

Risking means being willing to let go of things. Not taking a risk is the surest way of losing. If you keep doing exactly what you’re doing and you don’t take risks, you can’t move beyond where you are today.

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If you postpone taking risks, stepping up, learning, growing, evolving, there will come a time when you’ll be forced to accept a situation that you do not want or to make change out of desperation instead of out of clear thought and choice.

Yes–You Can

—If you’re unwilling to take a risk, you can’t grow.

—If you don’t grow, you cannot become your best.

—If you’re unable to become your best, you’re not really going to have full happiness that you can have in life.

—And if you don’t have that rich, full happiness, really what else matters?

Life is about creating that happiness, that joy, that fulfillment every moment of every day – with your family, with your work, with your hobbies, with your athletic activities, with your learning and growth.

It’s about happiness, enjoying things, stepping up, doing something different, taking risks to make life a little bit different so you can have more knowledge, enjoyment, movement, caring.

Mental Defense Mechanisms

We all have defense mechanisms whose purpose is to shield us from the pain of reality. Those defenses tend to buy us some time to consider the situation–which is good. You don’t want to leap into things that can get you in trouble.

Yet, if we hesitate too long, we wind up having difficulties anyway because those defense mechanisms can filter and distort things, so that we become their prisoners and they slow us down from making change when we need to.

Life should be more than ongoing defense mechanisms trying to avoid pain. We’re supposed to experience a little bit of pain because it’s one of the promoters of movement. There are two primary prods driving us – getting the good stuff we want (pleasure) and avoiding the bad stuff (avoiding the pain).

Sometimes a bit of pain can prod us to move when nothing else will. Feeling uncomfortable can help us take action. When you actually let go of what you know and the safety and you begin to move into this unknown territory of something new, the bonds of our past tend to hold on to us and try to hold us back. It’s almost like you have a big bungee cord connected to you and as you’re trying to leap it jerks you back–because it’s scary.

Taking The Risk, Making The Commitment

That moment, that leaping moment is one where you’ve got to cut that bungee cord and go for it. That moment of great uncertainty, the taking off and the landing is the time when all too often people panic. It’s the time when you must give maximum commitment; your best effort must be made to go for it.

If you allow that bungee cord to hold you back, you can’t make it over the gap. It will pull you back and you may even fall down the crevice.

There is no risk worth taking that can ever be made completely securely. No matter what technology you have, no matter how much money you have, no matter how many people are cheering you on or supporting you, there is no risk you can take that is completely secure. You’ve got to be willing to move into the unknown, it can never be completely certain. There’s no way that we could know everything.

Growth Entails Risk

The purpose of taking a risk is to grow. That growth and change is to become better or have a better circumstance than you have today.

Your life is a gift. Accept the responsibility to act in your own best interest and to move forward.

If you don’t have any anxiety you’re not taking risks. The risks you face probably are beneath you if you don’t have a bit of nervousness about them. Only risks you’ve outgrown don’t frighten you to some degree.

I know people who are world class speakers. Those people feel some nervousness every time they step on the stage, even though they may have given thousands of speeches. That nervousness is about wanting to do well, taking a risk, knowing they could get rejected by the people sitting in front of them.

Life Is In Process

So there’s some nervousness in the risk of being the best they can be. You have to do that. To sit where you are and do nothing is really a waste of your energy. You have unbelievable potential and you need to have a little bit of nervousness and step out to take that chance anyhow.

In 1970, I met Glenn Turner who was one of the greatest motivators of that time. I’d just heard him give a speech where he said “You’re not a human being, you are a human becoming.”

“When you are a human being, you stop growing. You no longer experience the newness, the joy and all the good that can come from experience. Be a human becoming not a human being!”

You are each a human becoming. It’s time to step forward and keep moving. Take some risks–learn, grow, and evolve, so that you can have more richness in your life.

(to be continued…)

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