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Risking – Going For Gold (Part 1)

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(…continued from last week)

If your life is ever to get better you have to be taking risks. Without a risk there’s no change. Without change you can’t achieve the exceptional level of life you deserve. Taking risks is crucial to exceeding where you’ve gotten so far. Most people know little about how to risk and so they become inhibited by fear right at the moment they need to take action.

Today is not a rehearsal. Every day is the Olympics–not the tryouts. So make today the day you fully go for the gold.

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No Risk, No Growth

If your life is ever going to be better than it is today you have to take risks. There’s absolutely no way that you can grow, change, evolve, improve, and have the quality you desire in your life without taking chances and stepping up to a new level. It’s truly surprising how many people know little about taking risks though we’ve all been doing it since we were very tiny.

Often, people become inhibited by fear at the very moment that they have to step up and commit themselves to taking action. Sometimes, at the first initial sign of a problem or a difficulty, they doubt themselves – they pause, they wait and they don’t move forward, they retreat even though they could take action and make a difference.

Risking is the process of going beyond one’s limits. It’s moving beyond uncertainty, moving beyond what we know is a part of growth, you have to do it in order to evolve. You need to take a chance, step up, put your cards on the table, say who you are, pick the right moment and go for it. This is part of your life every single day.

Risk Is Essential

Risking. That word causes panic for many people.

To risk oftentimes means you have to let go of what you know and to move into uncertain places. You have to do something that you don’t fully understand but you have to take a chance.

Taking a risk is essential to having anything worthwhile in your life. Without taking risks you’re not going to find love, you’re not going to develop power, you’re not going to have prestige, you’re not going to develop skills, become a decent athlete, learn music, paint great art or whatever it is you want to accomplish. Everything you want in your life involves taking a risk and stepping up – every single thing.

You can’t grow without risk. At each stage our growth becomes a little more intense. We become more confident but at the same time the challenges that face us get bigger and we have to move forward with ever more courage to do what’s needed.

Do you still believe many of the things you believed when you were five or ten years old? No, you know that they were just a perspective, maybe a fantasy that felt pretty good at the time. But you needed to move beyond them. You learned, you grew, you evolved skills and you moved on.

Like growing, taking a risk is being concerned with giving up false beliefs, taking a chance and moving in a new direction. Those beliefs of the past are okay but we need to move beyond them, we have to move into something brand new today. Through that process we make new alliances, we grow with other people, we share convictions, we experience with others around us.

Making Good Choices

Sometimes it’s very hard to let go of what we’re comfortable with. Everyone holds on to bad habits because they’re not really committed to their own personal growth. It’s an excuse to keep doing the same thing over and over and over. We don’t allow ourselves to see the high value we will gain by moving beyond it and so we hold on to what we know and stay in that comfort zone. Comfort zones are great but they will inhibit growth and change and taking risk.

In every risk there is loss. Something that has to be let go of, has to be moved beyond.

When I was a teenager, I was visiting a family friend in Southern California, Gerald Jennings, the owner of the Everest Jennings Wheelchair Corporation.

While at his home, I was asking Mr. Jennings about success and how he became highly successful. He said one of the very first questions you must ask yourself is “What am I willing to give up?”

Are you willing to give up your time or money? Are you willing to give up some of the freedoms and being carefree about everything all the time? Are you willing to give up your fears? Are you willing to give up guilt, and strong emotions like anger, that can get in your way? Are you willing to give up a little bit of your time playing so that you can build something substantial?

(to be continued…)

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