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Use Your Imagination for Greater Achievement

Compare the normal adult imagination to that of a child. It’s the difference between a 5 watt light bulb and a 1,000,000 watt search light.

You wouldn’t want to live your life in the fantasy world that most children reside in, but your imagination is crucial.

The vast majority of people are so focused on just “getting the chores or job done” that little newness happens in their life. Your imagination gets engaged when you are involved in exciting activities, or when you have a goal you are working toward.

Bringing a bit of newness or variation to your routine makes an impact on engaging your creative imagination.

Researchers at Cornell University found that people who become enthused about their goals live on average seven years longer than those with no goals!

If your biggest goal is to retire, you are in trouble. Your imagination brings vitality and energy to all you do. Use it!

We all need a reason to be alive. Trigger your goals, passion and imagination for longevity!

Whenever you think out of the box you are stimulating your imagination. Play games. Write. Try a new recipe. Go somewhere new or different. Participate in stimulating discussions. Read. Massage your brain with new and creative ideas.

To have a better reality, you must first make it come alive in your mind—and that takes imagination. Let yours soar with possibilities!

The Best of Success, Dr. Larry Iverson

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