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Negative Self-Talk Eliminator


Break The Worry Cycle Today

Have you ever gotten caught up in worry? Worry is ongoing, negative, cyclic thinking. It’s equivalent to being caught in a whirlpool of negative self-talk. And rarely does it produce any value. It just makes you feel lousy, and quite frequently immobilizes you.

The human potential genius Dale Carnegie once said, “90% of the things we worry about never happen. And of the 10% of those things that do happen, 90% of them are of no real consequence!” He’s right, wouldn’t you agree?

Take just a moment and pause. Reflect back, how many things that you had a major worry about (even if they actually did occur) were as terrible as you had built them to be in your mind? Probably as Carnegie said, 1% or less.

The mental and emotional pain from worry rarely helps. If it triggers you into proactive movement—that’s great! Yet for the majority of people, worry is more like climbing a mountain carrying a backpack filled with rocks.

Ever felt guilty? It’s a very similar negative thinking pattern to the worry cycle. Guilt is telling yourself you “should” do, or should have done _________ (worked harder, been better, figured it out, not quit, been honest, etc.) You blame yourself for not being perfect, and do it over and over.

Your negative thinking can inhibit your drive to win, much more than even your toughest opponent ever could.

If a mental gremlin (worry/guilt) pops up—don’t give in to the paralyzing effect of that negative self-talk pattern.

Instead of getting trapped in the fear, think of an action you could take. Move! Do something! The game is not over until you give up! Be proactive and go for it!

The Best of Success to You, Dr. Larry

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