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Are You Putting Rocks In Your Own Path?

Part 11 of 11 from Mission Success

(continued from last week…)

Challenge is Healthy

So while you are giving yourself a little bit of impetus to move, you also make sure to breathe and keep yourself in check. Educational research has well proven that a small amount of tension makes your brain work a little faster but you go just beyond this very small amount, it inhibits the ability of the brain to work. There are then too many neurons firing for it to optimize its links to all the various nerve endings that you are trying to learn and grow and access your memory from.

A little tension is a good thing, but too much slows you down. It inhibits your immune system, it inhibits your brain, it stops you from being able to work on your goals.

So relax. Relaxing does not mean that every five minutes you need to take a nap or that every day you have to make sure that you spend two and a half hours meditating (though it is well proven that meditation is very good for you.)

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You need to find yourself at peace with yourself, with the world, and with everything around you.

And while you do that, you focus on your goals, you keep moving and give yourself a little pressure but not so much that it holds you back.

You don’t put so many rocks in your pack, you begin to release them, you take them out so it gets lighter so you can run more freely. And the beginning of running freely is within your mind.

Albert Einstein said, “If you want to live a happy successful life, tie it to a goal, not to people or to objects.”

He is right, we need to step up and do those things that can assist us in being more. Think, “What am I choosing, what I’m I doing, where am I going, have I done something today that helps me or my family, or my health, my work, my objectives in life, with being a better human being and having a better attitude? What have I done today?”

In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill said, “Everyday as we go to work we ought to ask ourselves this question, “What kind of an organization would this be, if everyone in it was just like me?”

I imagine there are probably some pros to that, but there also might be a few cons. What that means is that I need to keep learning, growing and moving, so that when I answer that question, though there are still some cons inside of it, it gets a little better.

It’s a choice, it’s an interesting possibility that you may want to spend some time thinking about where you want to go. I again believe that the primary purpose of a living creature is to become more of what they are capable of being.

You have unbelievable potential to fulfil; it begins by choosing your goals, by setting direction, by working toward making them happen and then acting with attitude. Taking responsibility and that positive attitude that says “I can do and be more that I’ve ever been before”.

You have unlimited potential. The only person that can hold you back is you. It’s not that we don’t have limitations, there are things we can’t do physically, there are things we can’t do mentally, there are levels of knowledge we may never achieve, yet you control you, you control your own system. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving!”, Albert Einstein, 1933.

You can do whatever you want to, no one can stop you except you. You can keep you moving, but it’s about choosing your reality, choosing to own it, picking directions, building a strong, confident, competent attitude, so that mission success becomes much easier to achieve.

You can be and do whatever you desire. Use your mind, step into the reality you want. Take time every single day to make your life just a little better. It’s all about the direction you chose to go and what you will do and what you choose not to do.

Make it a great day. Build the future you desire starting today.

This concludes “Mission Success” Please stay tuned next week for an all new program that can improve your relationships, your success, and your life for good!

I wish you the very best of success!

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