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Did You Commit To Impossible Goals?

Part 4 of 10 from The Heart of Winning!

(continued from last week…)

Multidimensional Winning

One of the benefits of desire is having a commitment. Commitment does not guarantee you’ll succeed but a lack of commitment will guarantee your failure. Commitment requires courage and taking risks, stepping out, going as far as you can go with what you have. It means giving your all to those situations and people that you’re engaged with.

Commitment cannot be imposed on you, commitment is chosen by you. It’s something that’s self-generated, it’s based on your own conviction, your vision, your desire to achieve. If something is just not working, committing to sticking it out even if you can see it’s failing is not necessarily the best idea.

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You do have to hang in through tough times but committing to something that you know is impossible to achieve is foolishness. I don’t mean that you persist when the goal is impossible. What I mean is that you commit and you work and you keep your vision going and you plan and you take steps forward. You take risks if need be. Even if there is an element of doubt, you move beyond it by planning and vision. You look at those things that are possible for you. You demonstrate the art of probability and possibility by hanging in there and going for it when you need to.

Desire is really the difference between being enthusiastic about what you are planning and passionately working towards your goals and your vision and just sort of giving it a half-hearted attempt.

We tend to work much harder on things we want to do and choose to do versus things we have to do. There’s a part of your mind that automatically will resist when someone says “You have to do this”. That’s very different than what you get to do. When you get to do something it feels like a privilege, it feels like a good thing. That is very different than having to do it.

When you really want something, when you’re excited about it, when you’re planning and preparing to get something you “get” to do it. The key here is ‘getting to do’ versus ‘having to do’. When the words ‘have to’ come in, it’s like there is somebody standing over you forcing you to do things. You will automatically resist. We push back even if the person ‘having to’ is our self.

When you get to do something it feels better. Focus on what you get to do, not what you have to do. It’s an attitude, it’s a small thing but those words make a giant difference. There are many people who have quotes similar to this one, I’m not sure who coined this one exactly because there are so many people who claim it, but the quote is “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started if you want some day to be great.” You have to go, you have to be, you have to move, you have to do, and through that doing you can have, you can achieve and you can be even more than you are today.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? When we understand these little words – be, do, have, achieve – the view of the world changes significantly. Winning is about achieving in many areas of life. It’s not just about money, it’s not just about health, it’s about many different things. Winning is about taking care of your body, taking care of your physical self. Winning is about having great relationships and building a family or a family-type community that you’re part of.

Winning is taking care of your mental and emotional self. Winning is your finances and your career and taking good care of those as well. Winning is your spiritual life and your personal development within you. Winning is education, it’s your personal growth, it’s the ongoing evolution of who you are. To win we must be growing in each of these areas.

Now there are times in life when certain areas will be more important to you than others. Maybe you are giving a lot of energy right now to keeping track of your finances, or to build your career, or to spending more time on your children and your family. We also need to make certain that we’re growing our minds, that we’re taking care of our physical self and our health. You have to have balance. Balance can be little tough because we get preoccupied but nonetheless to truly win you have to win in many areas not just one.

(to be continued…)

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