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Part 3 of 10 from The Heart of Winning!

(continued from last week…)

The other day I was watching a football game. There was a receiver who had the ball coming right into his hands, there was nobody near him, there was a person about six feet behind, and he looked away for just a moment to glance to see how far the person who was going to tackle him was, and in that split second when he took his eyes of the ball he flubbed it. It bounced of his fingertips. It could have been the game winning catch for that team. They ultimately lost, that missed catch did not have to happen.

Do not take your eyes off the ball. Keep looking where you want to go. Make sure that the vision you have is clear in your mind, that you commit to it, you have purpose, you build your desire, you remember those things that are of value to you, and you don’t flub by taking your eye of your desired goal. Keep your eye on where you are going.

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It’s unfortunate but there’s almost an inborn part of our brain that wants to give up when things get tough. We tend to resist when things get hard. When it’s tough we tend to want to quit. That’s normal. Part of us is afraid of failing, part of us wants to do it but do we really want to work that hard? We have to persevere through those times. If you don’t, you can’t attain your goals. If you don’t persist, you won’t complete what you need to do. If you don’t complete what you need to do, you can’t win.

Much of the success that we have is due to being able to follow through and finish what we started. There is an adage that says that those people who are the best negotiators, one of their key traits is that they persist, they hang in, they negotiate and talk over and over and over about those things that are most important to them and they stick to what they want to have happen. That stick-ability makes all the difference. We have to persist.

If you’ve never had a job selling you ought to try it some time. I did door-to-door sales many years ago when I was in my late teens. It was tough but what it taught me was not to get discouraged, to keep going, to ask one more question, to make one more friend, to encourage one more person to use something that would be to their benefit.

It’s discouraging to hear no after no after no, but that persistence, that stick-ability, that staying in there can make you go farther than you would ever have dreamed. Having a vision for what you want to happen builds desire and that desire can get you to hang in there when everything else is trying to turn you away.

One of the things desire really benefits from is when we really desire something it triggers your mind to begin to plan and your creativity goes up a notch. When you spend the necessary time planning your future, to think about where you want to go and what you want to achieve, your brain will work to help you to build that. It helps you to create the vision and create the steps along the way to make that vision come true.

There are times when we scare ourselves, we downplay our potential, we think the negative instead of the positive and feel that because we aren’t perfect we can’t do it. You have to keep moving. I believe you truly can win. The heart of winning lives inside of your mind and your physiology and by going into action you can make just about anything happen.

Fear can get in your way. Fear can also be something to move you and to motivate you because as it jumps out you say ‘No I can beat this’. An acronym I heard once referred to fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. Not that there aren’t really things to be afraid of, there are. But most of the time fear is just a warning light going off in our head telling us to pay attention.

If you’re coming to a traffic light and it’s yellow does that means stop? It means pay attention. If you are close to the intersection, and you are starting into it, that yellow light means you need to keep moving. If you’re a couple of hundred yards away from the intersection when the light turns yellow, that’s a signal that it’s going to go red and you need to stop. To have a little fear about sailing through a red light in a busy intersection is a good thing. You or someone else could get hurt if you do.

We need to find a way to move past our fear because it can kill desire, it can kill vision, and it stops us from taking steps to achieving those goals we desire in our lives.

(to be continued…)

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