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Do You Think Beyond Common Sense?

The Science of You:
Boosting Your Personal Effectiveness for Repeated Successes (Part 5 of 11)

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(…continued from last week)

Suspend Your Disbelief

We quite often have to think beyond what common sense says is appropriate. A few percent improvement is great. But what if you get 10%, 20%, 50%, 2000% improvement? It is all up to thinking in new ways.

Dale Carnegie said, “Take a chance! All life is a chance. The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.”

Most of us often try to hug the coast. We try to stay close to the ground because it’s safer. But to truly make differences it is time to start focusing on possibilities rather than just on the limits or obstacles. To make those big steps means you need to move outside your mental boundaries. If you rethink how you are thinking now, you can multiply your performance and your potential. You must let your desires guide you. Instead of just allowing yourself to get boxed in by constraints, you have to think outside the boundaries a bit. Like he said, we have to do and dare.

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Seeking that leap means we have to move beyond just what the probable is. It means we have to achieve well beyond the obvious. We have to go out and give it a shot. A little improvement is great. Yet at the same time, to truly become the best you can possibly be, to apply the Science of You means you have to be challenging yourself.

It’s human nature to want to stay inside of our comfort zone. And that’s not bad. Yet it hinders us. We have to be willing to step up and do new things, to give something a shot that maybe you’ve never tried before, or look at it from another perspective. When we do that, it helps us apply new ways, new passions, new powers, new abilities inside of ourselves we may not have ever exercised before.

It’s great when we have a goal that is challenging. Go for it. We find that those people who have strong goals have more passion, more power, and actually live longer because they are so driven by those things they want to achieve.

Quantum leaps are astounding. It’s a way to go rapidly from one place to another. Don’t get the idea that anything is possible; it’s not. But in some areas of your life, in some of the things you have skills at, in some of those things you already have some abilities at, you can take yourself up a huge notch immediately. You can double your level of success and effectiveness overnight. Triple it even, maybe. You have to do that and go up through the Science of You to go beyond those limits. You have to break through that comfort zone and step into the new and the new perspective.

Going Past Your Boundaries

Your real limits are way beyond what you think they are. The real limits don’t box you in. What boxes you in is your thinking about what you can do and cannot do. That is the killer. That is what stops you.

It’s not that you can’t—just that your fears, your guilt, your worry, your anxiety, your lack of openness, often can.

How do you break out of it? Give in to doing something new. You give up some of the old beliefs, the so-called common sense. You stop being that bird batting its head against the wall, and you begin to ponder ‘I’m going see if I can find another place where I can get out of this’. You move to something new.

(to be continued…)

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