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(…continued from last week)

The Magic Vase

A number of years ago there was a professor I had who said, “I have a magic vase. In this magic vase is anything you desire—it’s success, it’s happiness, it’s great relationships, it’s money, it’s whatever you desire inside this magic vase.”

He asked, “What are you willing to give up to have this magic vase? What are you willing to give up to achieve those things that the magic vase holds for you? What would you like to have? You can draw anything out of it. It contains it all, you just draw it out. Are you willing to give up your guilt? Your fear? Your lack of vision? Your anxiety? Blaming other people? Your lack of goals? Are you willing to give up those things so that you can have the success, the happiness, and all of the rest that comes with it in this magic vase? You just have to take the top off, reach in, let go of those things to have these other things. You have to give up those limiting factors to get these new desirable things.”

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We have to suspend some of that disbelief that holds us back. We have to overcome those things so we can then begin to use the Science of You—this magic power within you—to achieve what you desire.

Act as if success is certain, and it comes ever so much closer.

You have to see your success and believe your success long before you ever have success. Instead of holding you back—even if you don’t have hard proof that you can make this jump, this leap, even if you can’t see—you have to think about it, you have to feel it in your guts, you have to go for it, you make a goal, and you jump.

And that jump, in many cases, will take you there because you have the knowledge, you have skills, you’re going out and going for it. This does not mean you’re doing silly things or trying stuff that doesn’t make sense, it is something you have thought through. But you take that jump, you step out, you suspend your disbelief and focus on your success.

The Doubt Programming

Your mindset for making this happen sometimes will have doubts pop in. They do! Yet, making that leap in your performance, taking you to another level, jumping up from your present level of achievement, is a bold stroke. It’s an alien idea in many cases. But we have to do it.

You have not been trained to think about how to make leaps. This is not the way our educational system trains us. Nor do most of our bosses. They say ‘be cautious, slow down, think about it, make sure it’s all okay before you do anything’. There are times when that is probably very good advice and it has probably saved you more than once. But you may have to defy those reservations. You may have to defy that wisdom at times to step out and go for it, to make that leap in success that you can have.

Experts generally agree, people use only a small percentage of their true potential. If you can accept the notion you truly have much more reserves that you have ever utilized, then you are on the road to achievement. Put your energy, put your focus into it.

Skepticism can be a pro and a con. Skepticism can slow you down. Skepticism can also make you think out of the box and give you new ideas and new ways to go about what you’re doing. Your doubts are not necessarily a product of your accurate thinking; they are a product of habitual thinking, of repeated thinking. Your doubts are because you’ve dwelled on something over and over looking at it the same way and not gotten out of the box and looked at it from a new perspective.

If you accept a conclusion as true and accurate, you’re done. You’re over, you’re finished. You have to think about, ‘it is possible that that might happen? It might be a failure. Yet, is there a way to go about achieving that? Is there a way to go about making new things happen?’ You have to have bold experiments.

Thomas Edison said, many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. They didn’t look from a new perspective.

It is time for you to have more faith in yourself, your thinking abilities, your knowledge base, and your ability to be creative. Yes, be skeptical of some things—they may get you in trouble. But you need to challenge the thoughts and the beliefs that hold you back. You’ve got to take that step. You’ve got to see those new perspectives in your work, in your relationships, in making money, in the way you invest, in the way you run your health, your nutrition, the way you exercise—you have to do new things to stretch your body so you can take that quantum step, that big leap to put you in a new place.

For right now, you have to suspend your disbelief. You don’t have to be convinced that you can make a success of it, but you have to be willing to go for it. If you keep believing those old ideas, those exact same things over and over and over, it is not going to make it easier for you to succeed.

You have to act out of faith. You have to act out of the belief you can make something happen. Merely do what you do as if you are going to succeed. Know it in your mind that you can have success. It’s up to you. Behave like you have that conviction. Keep it in mind. Think about your success and how you can make it happen. Doubt does more damage than almost anything. Proceed boldly. If you must doubt something, doubt that you have limits. Doubt that you cannot win. Focus on your success, not on your failure.

(to be continued…)

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