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Honesty Is The Best Policy

Part 7 of 12 from Qualities of Highly Successful People

(continued from last week…)

#5 – Integrity

This shouldn’t have to be said, but integrity is one of the very most important attributes that you can cultivate.

Honesty is the best policy. Having integrity creates character and defines who you are. Integrity makes a difference for yourself and for the people you work with. If you cannot believe in someone and you cannot see how you can work together with them, integrity has broken down.

An example – Have you ever had a boss that you work with who was changeable day to day? One day they were great, they were behind you, they were supportive; the next day they were blasting you for things you didn’t even know where they came from; the day after that they were despondent; the day after that they needed your support; the day after that they were happy and they were all friendly again.

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Integrity means being consistent. It means people can count on who you are. They know what you do and they hang in with you. You have integrity, and they can count on you being the same.

This does not mean you don’t change. But you have integrity in who you are. You know your values and beliefs, and stand up for that which is important to you and those people who depend on you. Integrity makes a difference in who we are.

Integrity is defined as adherence to moral principles, honesty, the quality of being unimpaired, being sound, whole, honorable, consistent.

Think about those things that you will not trade off. You have boundaries. Think about people you would not allow to be abused, if you were in the area. Think about the work you do and the quality of work you do. Those are boundaries.

How is your integrity? What do you believe about family and how family members should treat other family members? Again, that has to do with integrity.

The more you live your values, your spiritual, moral, ethical beliefs, the more power you have, the more people will believe in you and be willing to work with you. Live and breathe your integrity. It makes all the difference.

(to be continued…)

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