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Look At Your Partner With New Eyes

Part 14 of 14 from Communication Essentials

(continued from last week…)

Look at Them with New Eyes

Tip number fifteen, look at that person with new eyes. Look at that person every day and think of something about them that you like, love, or admire. Even in the toughest times, even if you’ve been doing battle, remember something about them that you appreciate.

Stop for a moment and quit dwelling on the negative, and focus on the good things about that person, what brought you together with them to begin with? It can lighten things enough that your communications improve. It makes it so that you each are getting more and feel more rewarded by that moment.

Think good things about them whether things are good, whether things are tough, every single day at least once, take two or three or five minutes and mentally picture that person. See them happy. Think about a time perhaps when the two of you had a great time and as you focus on that moment, it makes you feel good about them.

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Close your eyes and think. Think of your partner. Notice how they’re dressed, the way you like them. Notice how they’re standing or how they’re sitting. Notice they have a small smile on their face and they’re relaxed. Think about a time when the two of you were somewhere that you enjoyed together.

Or think about things that they do that you appreciate, things that make you feel valued, that help you value them and your relationship. Recall that good time or recall those things that they do that make you have that good feeling about them. And for just a moment, recall what it is about them that you appreciate.

Picture how they’re acting. Notice the look on their face, the way they move. Make the scene nice and bright, vivid. Imagine seeing it out of your own eyes right now like they’re there and you’re experiencing it again. See it. Feel good about it.

Every time you do this, you’re building and deepening your relationship. You’re adding more love and caring and goodness to the relationship. There’s no relationship that does not need this every single day no matter what else is happening. We need to think good things about our partner. They need to do the same about us.

You can’t do anything about them but you can focus on the good and what you like about them, and that lightens things up and helps you remember why you are together and those things that build your relationship.

Take time every day to do this. This little relationship building moment of thinking good things, remembering a good time, a time when you laughed, a time when you had fun, a place where you played together or something they did that made you feel valued builds depth to your relationship and enhances your feelings about your partner.

Take these tips, use them. They will build a significantly deeper level to your relationship and make you both feel more valued. You deserve a good relationship. It takes a bit of time. It takes energy and it takes doing those things that build it step by step.

These tips, these relationship enhancement strategies can make a difference for you. I wish you all the best. May your relationships thrive and may you feel wonderful in the midst of them.

You can be, you can do and you can achieve anything you want personally and within your relationships if you just step up and be proactive about it. Go for it! The very best of success to you and those relationships you value.

This concludes “Communication Essentials” Please stay tuned next week for an all new program that can improve your relationships, your success, and your life for good!

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