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Wake Up! Breaking Out of Unconscious Patterns That Hold You Back (Part 10)

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(…continued from last week)

Growing a Better Life

Part of breaking out of these unconscious patterns that get in your way is living with intention. This means you need to have goals. You need to have things you are doing to move you in a direction.

Aspects of Life

There are six primary components to every life and they need to have at least some balance. Now there are times when you have to really spend more time focused on your job, your career, and your finances. There are other times when you need to focus more on your family. Perhaps there are times when your physiology really needs some work. But we need to have more balance. You have to be doing some of all six all the time.

Physical & Health

The six primary areas of your life are first, your physical and your health. It’s your body, it’s your nutrition, it’s how you take care of your physical self. What are you doing to improve it?

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Family & Home

The second is your family and your home. Family meaning those people that are closest to you. Your nuclear family. Your spouse or your significant other, your children, your closest relatives, and your home environment itself, this is aspect two.

Social & Cultural

Three is your social life and your cultural life. Who you are engaged with, who do you spend time around other than your nuclear family, what is going on, how are you engaged in society with other people, what do you do to build that, what are you doing culturally to grow you and grow the parts around you?

Learning & Education

Your education is the fourth component. What are you doing to grow as a human being? Are you learning? Are you researching? Are you studying? Are you interacting? Are you innovating? What are you doing to grow your thinking processes, your brain, your ability to manage your work, your world, your life, your education?

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

The fifth component is mental and spiritual aspects of your life. This includes also your emotional components. What are you doing to take care of your attitudes? What do you do to manage your emotional state? How are you taking care of yourself on a spiritual, gut level, deeper self-part? This emotional mental spiritual aspect of you is also a crucial component. Most people spend very little time on emotionally taking care of themselves, and it’s one of the most important parts of your life.

Career & Finances

The sixth aspect is your career and your finances. What are you doing to grow your income? What are you doing to grow your work? What are you doing to develop your career and move it in a direction you want?

Each of these components, physical and health, family and home, social and cultural, education, mental, spiritual and emotional, and career and finances are the primary aspects of life. Do not drop the ball on any of them.

They all need to be getting some focus and energy. Maybe not as much as other ones at this point, because your life is where it is because those things that you are focused on are the most important to you right now. Yet, if you drop the ball on any of these, your life will feel hollow in some way. It will be like something is missing.

We need to be giving as much energy as we can into each one of these all the time. What you put into them makes a difference. Living in those day focused timeframes assists you in managing each of these.

Every day, you can do a little for your physical and health, your physical and cultural, you’re mental and emotional, for your education, for your career. Every day you can be doing little bits to make each of these better. It’s a choice.

Most people don’t wake up thinking oh boy this is going to be the very best day I’ve ever had in my whole life. Yet you could. Isn’t that a choice?

You can wake up thinking about the great possibilities at work, or what you are going to do for fun, or a place you may go or someone you will see. Isn’t that a choice?

It’s absolutely a choice. Every day you have that choice, to think about the good that is coming toward you versus all the to-dos you have to do that you can mumble and grumble about.

Taking Care of You

Asking for the good stuff in your life will take you much farther than anything you can do. You need to take care of you. If we don’t take good care of ourselves and keep these in balance, we tend to be moving towards burnout.

Burnout is a situation that is emotionally exhausting, depersonalizes the people around us, takes people out of our lives, and reduces our sense of accomplishment of what we are doing.

Burnout occurs most often for people who deal with other people all the time.

I’m certain that whatever your career is, you are interacting with others often. Unless you are living in a cave all by yourself and never leave it, you are interacting with people. We must take care of ourselves. We must be growing these components of ourselves. We must be focused in living in these day focused timeframes so we can truly make our lives move to another level.

Every day it’s a choice. You can make your life grow in the way that you want, or you can haphazardly fall into things going on.

Set goals, choose where you are going to go, give it a focus, plan for the future. Do what you can to make sure tomorrow is handled, but live today. Set those goals, choose the focus, move into and make each of these components of your life more effective.

Realize every single day, you can be, you can do, and you can achieve more than you ever dreamed if you manage yourself effectively.

You taking care of yourself assists in breaking free of unconscious patterns that have gotten in your way. It’s time to quit wishing and start achieving. Take action today, and make today move into an ever better future for you tomorrow.

This concludes “Wake Up! Breaking Out of Unconscious Patterns That Hold You Back”. Please stay tuned next week for an all new program that can improve your relationships, your success, and your life for good!

The best of success to you!

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