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Negative Self-Talk Eliminator


Self-Talk Control — Eliminate Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Zig Ziglar said, “Every day we all need a checkup from the neck up, to avoid stinkin’ thinkin’ and hardening of the attitudes.”

Ain’t that the truth!!!

What is that voice in your head telling you most of the time?

Is it saying how wonderful life is, and how much you just love to go to work, and how your life is completely perfect just how it is right now? I doubt it.

Watch your self-talk. That little voice in your head tends to go negative. Don’t let it.

Here’s a great way to catch that voice and what it’s doing. Notice how you feel, then listen to the dialogue in your brain.

We are often unaware of precisely what’s being said, but you always know how you feel.

Between 65% to 80% of your emotions are created by your self-talk and the images you have in your mind. If you feel negative, scared, anxious, worried, angry, overwhelmed, tense, stressed, nervous—it’s most likely from your internal dialogue.

When you get those negative feelings, listen to the mental chatter. It will be corresponding negatively with the feeling. Then, change it!

Change the inner dialogue to what you can do, how you’d rather feel. What actions you are going to take. Give yourself a pep talk like you would to a good friend who was struggling. Take care of yourself.

The encouragement and positivity might sound like, “Things are rough, but I’ve made it through tough times before. I won’t give up. I can do this. I’ll keep working on this and learn both what doesn’t work and what does. I’m not a quitter, and I’ll keep going for it!” Etc.

And in addition to the positive self-talk, see mental images of the outcome you desire. Picture the success you want and the good that will come from keeping on and being proactive.

Only you can defeat you. Keep on!

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