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Do You Have Stickability?

Part 5 of 12 from Qualities of Highly Successful People

(continued from last week…)

#3 – Stickability

This is that staying power that makes the difference. P. T. Barnum was one of the greatest showmen to ever live and by far one of the most successful salesman, created the phrase stickability. He meant – you hang in there, you have the strength to see things through, you don’t vacillate, you don’t procrastinate, you go for it. When you want it, you make it happen.

The world’s greatest achievers are those who have focused on their goals and been consistent in their efforts, stickability.

Did you ever have skills you needed to gain to run certain kinds of tools or to manage and handle certain types of technology? It didn’t happen instantly, did it? No, it happened because of stickability, you stayed in there, and kept after it, you thought about it, you probably had some errors but you kept working at it.

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If you truly want success in any aspect of your life, whether that is in your personal relationships, whether that is in your business, whether it’s in your spiritual life or in assisting your community, it’s going to take some stickability.

That staying power is the difference between people who manage and make only a little difference and those who change and move mountains. That staying power is part of the process.

Drive without staying power falters. First one was drive and the third is staying power. So, drive but sustained drive. Now, drive is a peak experience, you get yourself going, you move, you then keep the momentum rolling. You kick it off, you hit that peak state and then you course along and you do what you need to do and you stay in there, working at it day after day, having that stickability to learn, to grow, to improve.

If you look at anyone who has achieved greatly, they did that – they hung in there. Look at some of the greatest inventors ever like Edison.

Thomas Edison had nearly ten thousand patents in his life time. How did he do that? Because he and his team worked together, they collaborated, they talked, they communicated, they helped each other out and they stuck in there, they did it again and again and again. There were nearly a thousand errors in creating a light bulb.

Do you think it takes some stickability to hang in there? As he walked down the street he said he heard people call him “crazy Edison” because everybody knew he was failing and he was never going to create the light bulb.

Staying Power and stickability makes a difference.

Henri-Alban Fournier said, “Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can’t hurry the crops or make an ox in two days.”

(to be continued…)

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