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How Can I Break Old Patterns?

Part 8 of 11 from Mission Success

(continued from last week…)

Positive Possibilities

Too frequently, we see individuals whose attitude is “How can I ever stop what I’m doing or do something different than I’m now doing?” “How can I break these old patterns, how can I take on a new way?” It is more of a hopelessness mentality verses “I have potential, I can do something, I can learn new things, I can begin to move”.

Success is about managing your brain effectively and choosing where you want you to go. When you take a close look at what’s going on around you, you have to become very selfish about the ideas and attitudes and self-talk you allow to live in your brain.

You don’t allow just everything to be in there. If things are not there that are supporting, encouraging, moving you forward, then you delete them, you change, you add in a new attitude and action, because those older ones will block you from achieving the life you desire.

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You have to become responsible for what’s going on in your life. You have to choose to own what’s happening around you. Now there are things that will happen that you really don’t want to think about and you would rather not be known for, yet have they been part of who you are? The answer is yes. So an objective here is to decide what I will take ownership for and what I’m going to stop doing.

Let’s explore a bit. Wherever you are in your life today, it’s because you made a decision to be there. You took action to put you into the job you are in. You took actions to be in a relationship or not be in a relationship. The clothing you wear, you took actions and made decisions about what you are going to put on you.

You live with the consequences of your actions, thoughts and attitudes. So if you want your life to be different, you chose to own what you are going to do next.

A person who is very high on the responsibility scale is somebody who owns what they do; they have passion about their life. They wouldn’t have it any other way. They absolutely are going for it, going to make things happen.

Take Ownership of ALL of Your Life

The person who has a low level of ownership and responsibility for their life thinks, “Well you know, they got in my way and there is not much I can do about it. I really don’t think I can take action as well as somebody else can.” They don’t fully own what they are doing.

If you transfer responsibility for your life to another person or another circumstance or to luck, there will be little improvement. If you think, “Wow, I had that lucky shot but I will never have another one”, is that true?

The answer is, you made that lucky shot happen somehow, and even if you had had a lucky shot and it didn’t work out, you maybe didn’t actualize it. Or you had a lucky shot and did work out because you did something to make it work. When you are low on the end of owning your life, your chances for success diminish significantly.

If at first you don’t succeed, get your rear end out there and go forward again! That’s the ownership strategy. Responsibility is owning my world, owning my life, owning who I am and what I’m doing. No one else can make your life any different that it is—except you.

You have to step up, you have to be the one to say “Okay look, let’s go, its time, let’s move it!” You need to not allow the procrastination habit to overwhelm you.

When you feel yourself resisting, when you feel yourself procrastinating, you have to make a choice. You have to take little steps, little bites out of the “to do” pie so you can move forward. That’s a choice, you can’t do anything about someone else you can only do something about yourself, about your attitudes, your actions your internal dialogue which focuses your mind and moves you forward, or it stops you.

One of the biggest inhibitors of human beings is “What if”. What if this doesn’t work, what if they don’t like it, what if I can’t get along there, what if this isn’t the right thing to do? What if can get in your way almost more than anything, that’s the negative side of it. The positive “What if” is what if I did this, how can that help me, what if I do something I’ve never done before and give it a shot to learn a new skill?

“What if” can be a pro or it can be a con. For the majority of people it is a con. You need to allow that “what if” to go away, because negative “what ifs” are like putting more rocks in your pack and makes it much, much tougher to run the race of life.

Take some of the rocks out. Get rid of the what ifs. Free yourself up to move into an ever better tomorrow by managing yourself, your reality and owning what you are doing by taking responsibility for your actions and your achievements.

You can do this beginning today.

(to be continued…)

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