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How Can You Take Charge Of Your Own Life?

Part 3 of 11 from Mission Success

(continued from last week…)

Decisiveness Matters

Your decisions, your actions and your reactions set up whatever your future will be. Within the frame work of your own possibilities and potentials you are guiding, directing your destiny, your life by intent or by default. Are you living on purpose or are you living on accident? That is a choice. Our goal here is to assist you in having a simple yet comprehensive process for making your life worth more the way you want it to be.

As you go along, it’s going to help if you think about this as sort of a manual for the brain or another aspect of running your brain more the way you want to so you can achieve those things you desire in life.

Let’s put it in another way. If you just let your life take its course, let the inevitable, whatever it is, happen, you take that chance, your end result may or may not wind up where you want it to be. The Cheshire cat asked Alice in the Alice in Wonderland story, “Where are you trying to get to?” She said, “I don’t know”, the cat said, “Well take any road you want and you’ll get there.”

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We need to be more determining than that. Yes your life could wind up exactly the way you want it to, it may be absolutely amazing, but it’s not necessary going to drift like a feather in the breeze and wind up exactly where you want.

You are not stuck with what’s going on. Whatever has happened to you in the past does not need to be repeated in the future unless you want it to. If so then you focus on it, choose it, work at it, make it more. You are in charge of your future.

Limiting Attitudes

One of the most limiting attitudes of any person, is “I just couldn’t do anything about it”. You can decide, you can choose, you can make a difference, you can point your compass in the direction you wish to move and then follow that path.

You can deliberately guide the process of change in the direction you want it to go so the results take you where you wanted to go. I can guarantee you, you’ll be closer to the desired outcome you want. If you make a choice and you move in the direction you desire, you are much more likely to get where you want to go than if you just throw your hands up and say “Well, let’s just see what happens”.

Now sometimes “Let’s just see what happens” can be a very good thing because it allows you to not get tense about what’s going on around you if things are truly out of your control. Yet most of the time, to live an effective life, you have to pick the direction and move yourself there with intent.

Mission Success is about moving you. You can do that.

Let’s begin by making an assumption. You have an incredible amount of untapped potential, that’s the assumption. You are going to pick up some methods and ideas that can assist you in tapping into your untapped potential.

Whatever you’ve learned up to this moment, it can help you move into a better day tomorrow, but it doesn’t just happen. You have to do something to actualize it, to make it more effective, so you can release the power within what you already know and add to it to help you make and build a better day.

We are going to begin a journey, you are going to go through a labyrinth of ideas and concepts that can make a difference in your life. You again have untapped potential that we are going to work at bringing out starting right now.

(to be continued…)

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