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How Do You Build Confidence?

Part 7 of 10 from The Heart of Winning!

(continued from last week…)

You have to choose your target, you have to think about where you are going to go and how you are going to do it. Planning and preparation helps build your confidence and gets you ready to win.

Be prepared means that you are equipping yourself with tools, skills, knowledge and attitude so that you can begin building what you want. You need to have high goals, not unreasonably high goals, but goals that are high enough that they inspire you to move forward because they are good for you and good for those you value.

I fully believe you have potential to do and accomplish far more than you have ever believed that you are capable of doing and accomplishing. If you look at history you will see how people who are just normal people have made huge differences in our world. They have achieved things that people said were not possible.

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If you study the lives of great people, of those people who are accomplished, you’ll find that most of them come from average families, earning average livings, doing average things. Then somehow this person gets passionate about something. There is something about it in their mind that goes “Enough, I am going to make this happen” and they do.

One of the reasons people quite often fail to reach their full potential or even a portion of their potential is because they are not willing to risk anything. They are fearful of losing. They are fearful of failing. Fearful of getting hurt, fearful of looking bad, being embarrassed, and so they try to stay safe. That’s normal, most of us don’t want to feel foolish, we don’t want to look bad, we don’t want to fail, we don’t want to get hurt. We scare ourselves and we don’t step up.

We have to avoid that risk-aversion thinking. Most people have very average expectations for themselves and they come by that because that’s the environment they probably grew up in. What we have to do is to go out and experience, we have to try things, we have to make mistakes, we have to screw up, and in that process we’re going to have a much better life.

I really believe you can have just about anything you want in life. If you go out and you work, you put your energy behind it, you keep your mind focused, you can create something that is really of benefit to the world.

Quite often, playing it safe by refusing to take risks seems to be a prudent choice and it may be, however often times it would be safer for a ship to stay safe in the harbor and never to go out of port or for an airplane to stay on the ground and never fly than to experience the challenges of bad weather or problems that could occur. But if a ship never leaves port, if a plane does not get off the ground and fly, the goals of moving or carrying or shipping are not going to happen.

You have to do something to achieve those goals. You cannot just sit and think about them, you have to move. There is more in store for you in your life than you can ever imagine. It’s going to stretch you to take some risks, you have to recognize opportunities and have the courage to peruse them, you have to make choices, you have to screw up, you have to try it again, and you need to avoid the negativity of other people. Sometimes people will say, “I’m just trying to help you” but they are really just being negative. Don’t surround yourself with those people, they will knock the props off from under you.

There is more potential and possibilities in life for you than you’ve ever dreamed. Wonderful things are in store, you just need to get out there and go for it.

(to be continued…)

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