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What Does It Take To Be A Winner?

Part 2 of 10 from The Heart of Winning!

(continued from last week…)

Being a winner is very different from having the potential to win. You have massive potential. I believe that the vast majority of people have huge untapped potential but they rarely exercise it. They rarely go out there and make something happen because it takes action, it takes vision, it takes planning.

Nothing is much more inspiring than the person who has just an okay amount of talent but goes out there and struggles and works and practices and they develop into an amazing speaker, parent, athlete or whatever they are striving for. They move forward and achieve much more than the majority of their colleagues because they work at it.

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The person who has exceptional talents in many cases doesn’t put out the same amount of energy because it comes easier to them than it does to those people who have to work hard for it. Often that person who has average talent bypasses the one for who seemingly it came more naturally to because they work harder at it.

Obviously having talent is important but many many times the big difference between that and the rest of the pack is desire. It is the attitude of winning. When you have desire it creates an edge, it gives you a little bit more than the person next to you; it produces the energy to get you moving when you don’t feel like it. It gives you the power to get that last push when you are really working on something struggling to finish it off.

It gives you the will to do things that are very hard for you but you hang in there and keep going anyway because you want it. As we look at desire, it’s worthwhile to think about where it comes from. Desire is triggered when something happens in your life that changes how you see yourself, your situation, your relationships, your work, or your finances in relationship to your future. You have moments in your life that are truly turning points; they are crossroads where something happens that shapes your future.

Some of these turning points can be very dramatic others can be very subtle. Look for these turning points, look for those places in your life where you seek out your purpose, your passion, your vision, where you have something you really want to achieve and you’re willing to go for it to make it happen. That desire is triggered by looking and keeping an eye on your vision.

There are certain times in life that it are a struggle. There are a couple of qualities that seem to assist people in fueling their desire and sustaining their vision. These qualities that help are commitment and perseverance. You need to commit to focusing on your target, you need to commit to making things happen, and you need to consistently keep your eye on the target and stick to it. Then as you stick to it, you persevere, you overcome the rough spots, you move through the setbacks, you overcome the barriers that can get into your way, and you keep yourself moving.

Commitment to achieving, commitment to yourself and those things you value and that which is important to you is a way to move through the distractions that are going to face you. There are times when you really want something yet the people around you are pooh-poohing your idea or they say, “Ah that’s too much work for you, do you really want to do that?” When you have a vision, when you have that desire inside because you can see it and you commit to it and you move towards it, it can take you from average to exceptional in moments. The difference is desire and your commitment is part of making that happen.

(to be continued…)

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