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How Can You Make A Difference?

Part 12 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

(continued from last week…)

The Triple Win

We need to have what I call the triple win. That is a win for the customers, the employees and the company. Or for you, your people and the organization. Or, for you, your spouse and the people that you deal with. Or for your children, your family system and the world at large around you. The triple win is about looking at what we can take care of, what we can do to make a difference for the people around us and for ourselves.

Part of that philosopher taxi driver’s thing was taking back control of himself.

Years ago I heard a story about W.C. Fields. He was at the time doing live stage performances, and between shows he was napping in his dressing room.

The stage manager stuck his head in the door and yelled, “You’re on!”

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Waking up from his sound sleep W.C. Fields sat up in a stupor and said to the stage manager, “How I’m doing?” (Quick retort wouldn’t you say.)

I think that’s a question we all need to ask and answer is “How I’m doing?” In what am I doing right, how can I get better? We need to keep that in mind – those platinum questions make all the difference.

Keeping Track of Current Status

You need to think about and keep a scoreboard for yourself of your actions and/or your team’s actions, what the customers are getting from you and how you’re interacting with everyone around you.

To move forward in a way that honors you and the people surrounding you, you need to continually be thinking about what results you want.

How can we measure those results? Are we really treating the people around us like lifetime partners? We need to build these partnerships for life. Even if something happens that moves your customers or team members away from you – you need to treat people in quality ways that support long-term relationships. You never know when you’ll cross paths again.

Do you remember being treated by a business person or a customer server in such a way you’ve never forgotten (positive or negative). It really made that big of an impact? Is it really that hard to do for those around you?

Each of us has the responsibility and the ability to do that. No one can make that happen for you except you. We need to take the time to slow down and think about what we can do to really build that lifetime partnership.

Ask people for performance improvement ideas. Look at the way you’re treating people and the way you look, in the way that you deal with everyone around you. Having goals, rewards, and moving forward in a way that really benefits you and them is essential to making your world work well.

A satisfied person, a satisfied spouse, a satisfied customer, a satisfied employee will come back and deal with you in ways that are honorable for both of you.

Take good care of yourself and keep looking at how you are doing and how you can get better.

You can be, you can do, you can achieve whatever you desire! But you have to choose to step-up and go for it.

You have incredible abilities and you truly can build relationships for life if you just take a bit of time to think about what you are doing, how you are doing it and what the other person really needs. Look at it from their perspective.

Go for it, get out there, make this happen. Make today and everyday a great day by the way you interact and the way you deal with the people around you.

This concludes “Winning Relationships!” Please stay tuned next week for an all new program that can improve your relationships, your success, and your life for good!

The best of success to you!

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